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Mario Piperni: The Republican Convention – Lies, Deception and Clint Eastwood

Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan / Clint Eastwood    :

Once again, Mario Piperni’s art and assessment of the Republican Convention speaks volumes…

Mario Piperni

The illustration pretty much sums up my thoughts on the Republican National Convention. Lies, deception and just plain nonsense. If you were solidly behind Romney before the convention, then three days of Obama bashing must have felt like an extended Christmas morning . Each new speaker brought out their own crudely wrapped gift of distortions, untruths and wingnuttery. I’m sure it was a joy.

If prior to the lie-fest you believed the Republican party represented all that is wrong with America, then nothing happened in those three days to change those sentiments…except, possibly, to reinforce any thought that, yes, these people are detached sociopaths.

But if you weren’t sure who you’d vote for in November and were hoping to learn something about Romney and how he planned to turn the economy around, you got nothing except vague promises and shiny glitter. No new ideas or policies were presented on the domestic front. But you did learn that Romney is intent on starting a new Middle East war with Iran…and something about reviving the Cold War and putting Putin in his place. Neocons love villains, real or imagined.

You also learned that empty chairs and invisible presidents are best left on a vaudeville stage.


5 thoughts on “Mario Piperni: The Republican Convention – Lies, Deception and Clint Eastwood

  1. Sorry that I missed watching most of the speeches. I was somewhat stunned observing the 3 attempts at voting approval to change the platform after President Obama had to bring back “God” and “Jerusalem” into the platform. It seemed the nay sayers and boo birds were louder than the “aye” delegates. But of course the Democrats saw this as a majority to accept the revised platform. It seemed democracy was not evident in the process of the Democrat party. Looking forward to President Obama experiementing further with our economy.


  2. hobo, u will be just that, a hobo, if willard is elected. when asked about his tax and budget plan, ryan said (another lie), that they have not run the numbers yet. that is simply pathetic and a direct lie. ryan said, they will “share the budget, in the light of day”, hehehe, when? they want the uniformed masses to follow them, with nothing to vote for. cnn got a hold of a memo in the romney campaign that basically said “dont give any specifics on our policies, be vague only, or we face political suicide”. their plan is debunked as a joke, and romney says it is garbage, but praised the TPC during the repub. campaign, as “very credible”. now they are flat out wrong, lying, trying to take romney down. sounds paranoid, which does not surprise me at all. king willard and the cunt queen ann (ms included, and the dancing horse therapy) want coronated, by “you people”, cus after, according to the queen bitch “i dont feel wealthy at all, it is kinda funny actually”. be completely covert on plans and taxes, including your own willard, cus you would just be giving “them” more ammunition to attack willard and ann. this office is public, lest u forgot. be half the man your father was, and disclose 6 years. your own father said, one year of tax returns could be a fluke. and, he is exactly right. romney has ryan doing the same, just 2 years, if that even happens, after all, willard said he gave one full year, when that is another lie. where are the fbar forms willard?? u know, the ones showing disclosure on the foreign monies and investments. so, i doubt we will get 2 years at all, and if we do, the second one is being doctored as we speak. what a bunch of phonies! sickening. they say they wont duck the tough issues? for gods sake, they will never even bring them up. but, they face the debates, and will be shredded and spit out. good luck with obama willard, your plight is hopeless there, u cant hide then. obama will dismantle u fool!


  3. I thought it was fair to list our talking points since you listed your propaganda talking points? Isn’t that how the game is played? There is no dialogue with propaganda, only proclamations. Looking forward to DNC coronation of Obama.


  4. Obama has his teleprompter tell him what to say, and his auto pen signs the Patrio Act police state renewal while he was drinking in a pub in Ireland. The invisible chair is a fair representation of an empty suit straw man for Soros president. While Obasma is speechifying in South Carolina the debt total will pass 16 trillion dollars. WHOOPEE We’re all trillionaires!


    1. Wow, every single “talking point” is straight from Limbaugh and Fox News “personalities”. Hoboduke, when you can give a substantive dialogue about your opinion, do stop by again and lets talk politics. 🙂


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