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Chris Matthews Confronts RNC Chairman: ‘Obama Being A Foreigner Is The Thing Your Party Has Been Pushing’

A few people emailed me to ask had I seen the Matthews and Priebus altercation.  I actually saw the video for the first time about an hour ago.

Here’s a progressive blog’s take on the story:

Think Progress

Chris Matthews tore into RNC Chairman Reince Priebus during an appearance on Morning Joe on Monday, accusing the Romney campaign of “playing that little ethnic card” in its false attacks against welfare reform and jokes about birtherism. “You can play your games and giggle about it….[but] Obama being a foreigner is the thing your party has been pushing. [Campaign co-chair John] Sununu pushed it, everyone is pushing it in your party,” Matthews declared.

The MSNBC host criticized Mitt Romney’s birther joke, his consistent claims that Obama imported his domestic policies, and argued that the campaign has sought to foreignize the president.  Priebus defended the party by claiming that Obama’s health and economic policies are European, but Matthews quickly dismissed the claim:

PRIEBUS: But I think Obama’s policies have created a sense that for whatever reason, he’s looking to guidance [from Europe] as far as health care is concerned, as far as our spending is concerned …

MATTHEWS: What? Where do you get this from? This is insane! You mean the Keynesian fiscal policy — you mean the fact that every president we’ve had has tried to offset the economic cycle with stimulus going the other direction is somehow European? … What’s this got to do with Europe and this foreignization of the guy? You’re doing it now! Saying he’s influenced by foreign influences? You’re playing that card again. What’s this European thing of yours? What are you up to with this constant that he’s not really domestic?

PRIEBUS: You don’t think the take-over of our health care system called Obamacare is a problem for most Americans?

MATTHEWS: Let me tell you some history, sir. Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt pushed for that, Truman pushed for that, were they all under the influence of Europe? Where do you get this from?

PRIEBUS: I’m not going to get into a shouting match with Chris, so you guys can just move on.

MATTHEWS: Because you’re losing, that’s why.

PRIEBUS: No, I’m not losing.

The Romney campaign promoted the “foreigner” angle in July, when Sununu claimed that Obama “has no idea how the American system functions…because he spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something, spent the next set of years in Indonesia.” He later claimed, “I wish this president would learn how to be an American,” before apologizing for the remarks.

During a rally in Pennsylvania, however, Romney doubled down, calling Obama’s policies “extraordinarily foreign.”


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10 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Confronts RNC Chairman: ‘Obama Being A Foreigner Is The Thing Your Party Has Been Pushing’

  1. “Aging isn’t for cowards!”

    I agree 100% Moe. I gotta use that one! Love it…

    I will not opt for surgery under any condition. So I get the cortisone shots and physical therapy and deal with that. 🙂


  2. I think the Republicans are actually a little confused. With all the cuts they want to make aren’t they following the German/European model? The President wants more stimulus and that is what some countries in Europe, like France, want to move toward. Maybe it is Europe that wants to be like us.


    1. Since 8 a m ???? What’s up?

      Moe, in a word…aging. 🙂 Knee problems and a long history of spinal stenosis. I’ll be fine, just have to get used to it and manage it as best I can.


    2. Exactly mhasegaws! They, are the “auserity” culprits, not the POTUS.

      Great observation. But one of the things in the GOP playbook is to transfer their weakest points on to the Dems and take the Dems’ strongest points and claim them as their own. What a bunch of Wusses.


  3. Kay, I loved it. Every second of it. Over at Duane’s, I said in comments that for me the best part was watching everyone there with him (except Brokaw) just squirm .. . he was doing what htey all should be doing every day. He was doing the job of a journalist: he was ‘speaking truth to power’. And good for him!!

    (How are you kiddo?)


    1. Hey Moe! I was at the orthopedic doctor since 8am so I didn’t get to see it. But when I saw the video, I said FINALLY! Matthews has finally chosen a side!

      the RNC Chair was rather dumbfounded until Mika and Joe seemed to jump on Chris. Anyway you slice it…it was AWESOME!


  4. LOL! Mark Matthews, though you and I share different political ideologies, I must admit you are hilarious in your expressions toward progressives. So many members of the GOP Ideological Club write/speak/act the same way.

    Are you guys secretly meeting somewhere to get copies of the GOP “Playbook” authored by Herr Karl Rove?


  5. Chris “Thrill up my leg” Matthews, premier progressive anal wart, doing his best to divert attention to his master Marxist barack hussein obamas dismal economy. Nice try pin head… you are going down politically this November, and we will see what kind of thrill you find yourself having THEN!


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