Mitt Romney Makes Birth Certificate Joke

From the beginning of his campaign, Mitt Romney has often portrayed President Obama as being some “other”.  Using terms like: “He doesn’t share American values”, “not like Americans” “Foreign vision of the country”, etc.  doesn’t convince me that he didn’t mean to say what he did…as a swipe against the president.

So to say that Romney was “just making an observation”  and that he believes the president was born in the United States, is pure rhetoric.

Having the most influential birther in this country as a surrogate and donor (Donald Trump) doesn’t help either

The Huffington Post

Mitt Romney made a joke about his birth certificate at a rally in Commerce, Mich. on Friday.

Speaking about his Michigan roots, he said, “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”

The joke was received with hearty applause by the audience. Still, it was an awkward moment for the candidate to play on the birther conspiracies that have plagued Barack Obama since he ran for president in 2008, even after the president released his “long-form” birth certificate in 2011.

The Obama campaign quickly responded, with spokesman Ben LaBolt saying that Romney was embracing the most extreme elements in the conservative movement.

“Throughout this campaign, Governor Romney has embraced the most strident voices in his party instead of standing up to them,” he said. “It’s one thing to give the stage in Tampa to Donald Trump, Sheriff Arpaio, and Kris Kobach. But Governor Romney’s decision to directly enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter across America.”

Romney adviser Kevin Madden played down the joke, saying Romney was “only referencing that Michigan, where he is campaigning today, is the state where he himself was born and raised.”

Mitt Romney’s own birth certificate was released by Reuters on the same day when the candidate appeared with Donald Trump, who loudly amplified doubts about the president’s birthplace.

Romney’s son Matt joked earlier this year about Obama’s birth certificate, a quip for which he later apologized. Referring to his father’s tax returns, he said, “I heard that someone suggested that as soon as President Obama releases his grades, and birth certificate, and a sort of a long list of things, then maybe he will.”

Romney has said that he believes that Obama was born in the United States. “I think the citizenship test has been passed. I believe the president was born in the United States. There are real reasons to get this guy out of office,” he told Larry Kudlow in April 2011. “The man needs to be taken out of office but his citizenship isn’t the reason why.”

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1 thought on “Mitt Romney Makes Birth Certificate Joke”

  1. Mitt Romney keeps complaining about “distractions,” but keeps creating them. That’s because it’s scripted slight of hand.

    He doesn’t want to talk about much of anything that he has done or plans to do. He’d rather keep the focus on stupid nonsense like this.

    I don’t think that Romney is a birther, but he doesn’t want to alienate them with a potentially-close election. Being a soulless weasel, he’s more than willing to throw them a line to make sure that they know he’s their guy.


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