Arizona Governor Tries To Thwart Obama’s Immigration Directive With Executive Order

Which is it?  Does Arizona’s Governor Brewer hate Obama immensely or is it a hate for “undocumented workers”?   By the way, in my mind, no human being is “illegal”…

Think Progress

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) has signed an executive order that attempts to thwart President Obama’s directive extending temporary work permits to more than a million undocumented immigrants. The Obama administration’s policy — which would grant two-year work authorizations to undocumented youth between 15 and 30 years of age who have lived in the U.S. continuously for at least five years — was announced in June and went into effect on Wednesday.

Brewer’s order directs “state agencies to deny driver’s licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations” and “directs state agencies to start emergency rulemaking processes as necessary to implement her order.” From the document:

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10 thoughts on “Arizona Governor Tries To Thwart Obama’s Immigration Directive With Executive Order”

  1. Do the existing federal immigration laws (or any laws) still matter?

    Mr. Gonzello, in America and elsewhere I’m sure, laws are meant to reflect the times we live in. That applied centuries ago and it applies now. Our Constitution, the guidepost of all American Law is called a “Living Document because it is flexible enough to apply to modern circumstances.

    Should this so-called president, by simple dictatorial decree, eliminate/change existing U.S. laws?

    Looking back to the Constitution, it allows our Presidents to apply executive orders when there is gridlock in Congress.

    Just to be clear, Wikipedia explains it here

    U.S. Presidents have issued executive orders since 1789, usually to help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage the operations within the federal government itself. Executive orders have the full force of law,[1] since issuances are typically made in pursuance of certain Acts of Congress, some of which specifically delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power (delegated legislation), or are believed to take authority from a power granted directly to the Executive by the Constitution.

    Here are the number of Presidential Executive orders signed by President Bush.

    Subject Index

    • 2009 – E.O. 13484 – E.O. 13488 (5 Executive orders issued)
    • 2008 – E.O. 13454 – E.O. 13483 (30 Executive orders issued)
    • 2007 – E.O. 13422 – E.O. 13453 (32 Executive orders issued)
    • 2006 – E.O. 13395 – E.O. 13421 (27 Executive orders issued)
    • 2005 – E.O. 13369 – E.O. 13394 (26 Executive orders issued)
    • 2004 – E.O. 13324 – E.O. 13368 (45 Executive orders issued)
    • 2003 – E.O. 13283 – E.O. 13323 (41 Executive orders issued)
    • 2002 – E.O. 13252 – E.O. 13282 (31 Executive orders issued)
    • 2001 – E.O. 13198 – E.O. 13251 (54 Executive orders issued)

    Here are President Obama’s Executive Orders:

    Subject Index

    2009 – E.O. 13489 – E.O. 13527 (39 Executive orders issued)
    2010 – E.O. 13528 – E.O. 13562 (35 Executive orders issued)
    2011 – E.O. 13563 – E.O. 13596 (34 Executive orders issued)
    2012 – E.O. 13597 – E.O. 13622 (26 Executive orders issued)

    The point is, it’s not a “dictatorial decree” it is a legal executive power that the President has been assigned via The Constitution of the United States.

    In answer to your other questions, please refer to the above.


  2. Do the existing federal immigration laws (or any laws) still matter? Should this so-called president, by simple dictatorial decree, eliminate/change existing U.S. laws? Is this still a Republic? Is he still bound by the Constitution, or has he just decided to eliminate it since it’s too restrictive in changing this country into a socialist democracy? Do American citizens still matter? Is there still such a thing as states’ rights, or have they been eliminated, too? Does anybody still stand for the Republic our Founders established?


  3. What a sad life she and her ilk lead, that dumping out such hatred makes her feel more fulfilled in any way.

    Maybe she should put in a few hours at a soup kitchen without the cameras rolling. Maybe her heart could grow three sizes that day, as the good Dr. Seuss might say …


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