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Tea Party Group Fined For Booking 1,600 Rooms In Vegas, Not Paying For Them

I know that the value called integrity has pretty much left politics in general, but why didn’t the Tea Party head of Las Vegas Operations at the time consider making a deal to pay some portion of the money to the hotel?

The Huffington Post

Apparently what doesn’t happen in Vegas also stays in Vegas.

A judge slammed a now-defunct Tennessee outpost of the Tea Party for reserving more than 1,600 rooms at a Las Vegas hotel and cancelling just weeks before the group’s scheduled event — without paying the bill, according to the Tennessean. The judge ruled that the group owes $500,000 for the cost of the rooms plus more than $200,000 for the accrued interest. In total they’re on the hook for $748,000, according to Bloomberg.

The convention, which never happened, was originally scheduled to take place at theVenetian Casino Resort from July 14-18, 2010, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The meeting was first postponed until October and then later cancelled.

The Tea Party group decided to cancel the event in September, citing the economy. Judson Phillips, the founder of the Tea Party Nation, told the Daily Caller at the time  that there just weren’t enough people willing to pay $399 to spend the weekend watching Laura Ingraham and Lou Dobbs spout their wisdom.

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Jerome R. Corsi

Swiftboat Author Jerome Corsi: Fox News Is ‘Packed With Leftist Commentators’

The paranoid rambling of a madman in the video below…


Remember when Jerome Corsi was a somewhat regular guest andtopic on Fox News? For a long time, the co-author of the Swiftboat book attacking John Kerry has gotten favorable treatment by the network – something he seems to have forgotten, because now he’s declaring war on the hand that used to feed him. In a recent Youtube rant, Corsi attacks Fox News for being “packed with leftist commentators,” an accusation he seems to base solely on the presence of host Bob Beckel (grudge much?).

On the occasion of Paul Ryan being named as Mitt Romney’s running mate, Corsi said, “Fox may now finally get behind Romney. Fox has been moving to the left. Maybe we’ll finally hear some less of Bob Beckel.”

He later issued a warning to Fox and the rest of the media to change their evil, liberal ways:

It’s an historic opportunity for the Tea Party to tell the establishment, Wall Street Journal included, New York Times, the whole bunch of them, you know they’d better face up to the reality, that the left – trying to please the left, by appearing to sympathize with the left… with Fox, packed with leftist commentators, is going to lose the fundamental audience of America.

How will Fox News take him on without compromising all the smears he’s helped them build? We’re gonna have fun finding out!

Mitt Romney Lies

Romney Campaign Falsely Accuses Obama Of Gutting Welfare In New Ad

One has to wonder what is the method to GOP presumptive presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s insistence on lying on his campaign ads attacking President Obama?

It could be that he knows his “Fox News watching base” is rather dense on many areas about politics and simply hate the President,  so they would believe anything Romney says about Obama.

The problem with that line of thinking is that he already has the votes from his base. He needs to sway independents to believe him, which might be more difficult…

The Huffington Post

Mitt Romney’s campaign continued to attack President Barack Obama over welfare reform with the release of a new ad on Monday, once again falsely stating that the president dropped work requirements from welfare.

The ad, titled “Long History,” is the second ad from the Romney campaign to claim that Obama has “gutted” welfare. The campaign’s previous ad on welfare, released just last week, was widely criticized as inaccurate and debunked by numerous fact checkers.

The Obama administration announced in July that states could seek waivers from certain welfare rules, but in doing so they would have to provide ideas for projects and initiatives that would do a better job of increasing employment among welfare recipients. Furthermore, the Obama administration has made it clear that it would not drop requirements for states that failed to promise better work outcomes.

Yet in the new ad, the narrator states, “On July 12th, Obama quietly ended work requirements for welfare. You wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job.”

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