WATCH LIVE: NASA Curiosity rover landing on Mars

Mars Curiosity landing

I’ll be watching…

The Raw Story

NASA’s largest Mars rover, Curiosity, is scheduled to land on Mars in perhaps the most complex landing on an alien world since space exploration began, according to the Guardian.

NASA spent $2.5 billion on the project, and will explore whether the planet has ever had the potential to support life. “Whether life has existed on Mars is an open question that this mission, by itself, is not designed to answer,” NASA wrote in a press release. “However, if this mission finds that the field site in Gale Crater has had conditions favorable for habitability and for preserving evidence about life, those findings can shape future missions that would bring samples back to Earth for life-detection tests or for missions that carry advanced life-detection experiments to Mars. In this sense, the Mars Science Laboratory is the prospecting stage in a step-by-step program of exploration, reconnaissance, prospecting and mining evidence for a definitive answer about whether life has existed on Mars.”

Watch live, broadcast on UStream on Aug. 5.

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