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Scalia Suggests ‘Hand-Held Rocket Launchers’ Are Protected Under Second Amendment

It’s time for wacky Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to step down.  There is a possibility that the onset of dementia may have taken over his already depraved mind.

This is yet one more important reason to vote wisely.  Whichever candidate you choose to vote for, know that he will probably pick at least two SCOTUS candidates in the next four years.  In my opinion, the ideology of the candidates will reflect whether the Court will remain staunchly conservative or tip the scales to a more progressive Court.

Elections matter and they DO have consequences.

Think Progress

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Justice Antonin Scalia reiterated just how extremely his Constitutional originalism can be applied. Referring to the recent shooting in Aurora, CO, host Chris Wallace asked the Supreme Court Justice about gun control, and whether the Second Amendment allows for any limitations to gun rights. Scalia admitted there could be, such as “frighting” (carrying a big ax just to scare people), but they would still have to be determined with an 18th-Century perspective in mind. According to his originalism, if a weapon can be hand-held, though, it probably still falls under the right o “bear arms”:

WALLACE: What about… a weapon that can fire a hundred shots in a minute?

SCALIA: We’ll see. Obviously the Amendment does not apply to arms that cannot be hand-carried — it’s to keep and “bear,” so it doesn’t apply to cannons — but I suppose here are hand-held rocket launchers that can bring down airplanes, that will have to be decided.

WALLACE: How do you decide that if you’re a textualist?

SCALIA: Very carefully.

Watch it…

Scalia’s across-the-board defense of weapon-carrying laws is not new, having been at the heart of his majority opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller, which protected an individual’s right to possess firearms. However, his nonchalant suggestion that private citizens could legally carry rocket launchers so long as they’re “hand-held” suggests just how willing he is to protect an armed nation.

Such originalism is a dangerous distortion of 21st-Century reality. There is no conceivable way to apply the Founding Fathers’ understanding of a  ”well-regulated militia” armed with slow-to-load, hard-to-aim muskets to today’s weapon technology. Arguably, the full extent of alleged gunman James Holmes’ munitions could have easily decimated an entire brigade of musketeers before they’d even loaded their first ball.

Mitt Romney

Romney Restricts Media For Secret Fundraiser

It appears Mitt Romney thinks he’s such an exceptional and privileged individual that it’s OK for him to break the rules…wherever and whenever he pleases.

Addicting Info

An overseas trip Presidential Republican Candidate Mitt Romney began last Wednesday and that is to last 7 days covering London, Israel and Poland, has been filled with gaffes and it is not yet half over. Perhaps that is the reason that his campaign staff is restricting media access now as Romney travels to Israel.

This restriction violates a pre-negotiated agreement made in April that gave reporters access to all events held in public spaces.

One event being restricted is a fundraising event scheduled at the King David Hotel with guests who are American big-money donors. The agreement says that a pool of television, print and wire reporters can chronicle every Romney fundraiser held in public venues. The exception is fundraisers held in private homes, which the King David Hotel definitely is not.

Romney’s several blunders during his short stay in London are likely a very trying experience for those whose job it is to make him look like an excellent statesman to the media and the world.

Since several of Romney’s wealthiest U.S. supporters plan to attend the fund-raiser which will be held Monday, it is quite suspicious to find this event closed to the press. It is especially suspicious since foreign individuals and organizations are barred from contributing to federal elections. Why is this event suddenly off-limits? Could it be that Romney wants to hide these investors identity from those of his American investors back home? Or is it about the blunders? Or could there be a plan for a SuperPAC coordinated attack, in violation of federal law? Or even, could he be attempting to raise money from illegal sources?

Rick Gorga, Romney’s campaign specialist refused to answer when pressured by reporters about the event restriction. His only comment was, “it’s closed press”.

It’s definitely a suspicious decision on the part of the Romney campaign. What is being kept from the public besides Romney’s tax returns?