Tea Party Xenophobes

Tea Party Leader Attacks John McCain – Even Issuing What Could Be Called A Death Threat

This guy, a so-called Tea Party leader is definitely off the rails…I can only hope that more tantrums like this one will make all Americans see what freaks these people really are.

Addicting Info

Original North Phoenix Tea Party chairman Wes Harris had some very strong words about Arizona Senator John McCain this week, as reported in the Arizona Capitol Times.

For rising to the defense of Ms. Abedin, Mr. Harris said that Senator McCain was standing for “more a fascist type of organization.” He also said that Senator McCain was defending “Islamic enemies of America” for his rebuke of Representative Michele Bachmann’s comments against the State Department aide earlier this month. Harris further said “He just took Michele Bachmann over the coals on the floor of the Senate for her warning about the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating our government. It’s just one of many things. It culminates in this latest debacle.”

The most damning piece, however is when he ended it with this:

“Go to hell, Senator, it’s time for you to take your final dirt nap.”

This new McCarthyism is beyond insane. They have taken a page right out of the old Wisconsin Senator’s playbook, crossed out “Communist” and put in “Muslim Brotherhood” and are using it verbatim. Harris even admitted that it did not matter whether any ties between Ms. Abedin and the Muslin Brotherhood existed or not. That she was Islamic was enough to disbar her from government, according to him.

Harris, a precinct committeeman in Arizona Legislative District 6, may be violating the terms of his committee membership by calling for the recall of a sitting Arizona Senator. If nothing else, it would be difficult for him to claim to be unbiased in handling future elections.

The founding founders of this nation purposefully put into the Constitution a prohibition on religion being any basis for public service. So, we end this piece, written by them, as found in the US Constitution, Article VI, paragraph 3:

no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

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