Got Irony? Fox News Exec Complains Obama Too Critical Of Fox

I have to ask, what mutant gene do Conservatives/Republicans possess?   They seem to never recognize their own short-comings yet project those short-comings on others.  Fox News has been doing this from Day One, as have their contributors and  viewer base.


The New York Times has an article about tensions ratcheting up between President Obama and Fox News. The Obama campaign has taken a few swipes at Fox lately and the GOP propaganda machine executive vice president of news, Michael Clemente, is reacting the way they do to almost anything and everything Obama says or does: by going on attack.

The Times reports: 

“I think it lowers the office,” Michael Clemente, Fox’s executive vice president of news, said in an interview on Wednesday. “For it to come up as regularly as it does — and it’s not every day but every other week, I’d say — it’s just unusual. Especially given the issues out there, like the lack of new jobs and Syria.”

Of all the items on the president’s plate, Mr. Clemente added, “I would like to be 15th on the list, not 3rd.”

Clemente’s own comments (that Obama only mentions Fox every other week) indicate that Fox is not 3rd “on the president’s plate” and I’ll bet him any amount of money that if you analyzed the content of the Obama campaign’s attentions that Fox wouldn’t even make it to 15th place. But hey, they’re so busy at Fox distorting Obama’s words and accusing him of being anti-American that who could blame them for losing track of what he actually says and does?

But for anyone at Fox, which has single-handedly degraded  American media and news coverage to shocking lows, to accuse anyone else of lowering an institution – well, it just degrades their own credibility even further.

Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

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