‘Forget The Anger, Reason Is Back’ – Philadelphia Station Replaces Limbaugh

Now if only more major markets were this reasonable…

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Despite Rush Limbaugh’s futile attempt to convince his audience that his nine-hour hate rant on Sandra Fluke did not affect his ratings or sponsorship, the facts prove otherwise.

Limbaugh will no longer be heard on the CBS station in Philadelphia that has allowed him to spew his venom for the past twenty years. He has been replaced by Michael Smerconish with the intro “forget the anger, reason is back”

Score one for reason and morality.

As someone who has followed this Fluke/slut saga, I have seen and heard many who don’t like Limbaugh defend his right to free speech. In this case, he not only called Fluke names but he lied about the facts. The fact that he chose to spend three days obsessing about her on air is more than a little creepy, too.

Fluke went before Congress to ask that birth control be covered by insurance. Limbaugh whined that she said she was having so much sex she couldn’t afford it anymore and demanded free birth control. He lied. That’s not free speech. It’s slander.

The right is quick to bring up Bill MaherDavid Letterman and Ed Schultz and while they are all guilty of bad jokes and name calling, they didn’t spend nine hours lying with the intention of misleading listeners. There’s a huge difference.

Most reports on the misogynist Limbaugh are about the hate and lies that come out of his mouth. It’s really nice to report that a major market is saying no to Limbaugh and his hate speech.


Author: kstreet607

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10 thoughts on “‘Forget The Anger, Reason Is Back’ – Philadelphia Station Replaces Limbaugh”

  1. If Bill Maher has a noontime broadcast radio show, rather than just late-night cable, then I am also concerned about him.

    Since, last I knew, he was only on at night, I’m less concerned about his garbage.

    David Letterman is purely a comedian with no pretense of a serious commentator, so I don’t think that that’s much of a defense. I mean, would “There’s worse language in an Andrew Dice Clay routine” justify a profane tirade? No?

    As for Maher being 100 times worse than Limbaugh, I can only assume that you simply say that because it’s people on your side. I don’t think that even his worst comments about, say, Sarah Palin (which have certainly crossed some lines) are on the same level as spending several days defaming the character of Sandra Fluke with over-the-top sexual language.

    Having said that, the world would be a better place if neither of those two could find an audience. Until that fantasy comes true, though, I don’t think that fans of either can find a lot of cover by pointing at the other.


  2. What Maher says on a consistent basis is 100 times worse, hell David Letterman has said worse. Why can liberals call women c*nts, whores, sluts, make sexual jokes about them, make sexual jokes about underage daughters, and its all for laughs. Rush says it and it calls for nationwide boycotts. Like everything liberal, they can say and do whatever but if a conservative says it it blows up. Only conservatives are racist, yet time and time again liberals say the most racist things and no one cares. Black conservatives are sell outs, uncle toms, house n*ggers and everyone claps and cheers. Liberal hacks like Sharpton are convicted liars, frauds, tax cheats, responsible for riots and deaths, say hardcore racist things and regularly call for violence, and they are celebrated.

    Yeah, Rush was so much worse… get a clue, you people live in such a bubble it is frightening.


  3. LOL @ you stupid libs… This doesn’t mean Rush is off the air in Philly – he has merely switched over to WWIQ 106.9 FM. Sucks to be you!!


  4. There have been a lot of inappropriate comments, and some of them show that a person has the same willingness to be disrespectful toward women. However, Limbaugh’s obsession and over-the-top language crosses a number of lines.

    Free speech? Sure, except that it’s true that he has committed slander and defamed her character.

    But even without getting into that, the freedom of speech doesn’t mean the right to be on the air. I don’t get to have a radio show just because I have ideas.

    The Righties really have no business at all complaining as stations pull Limbaugh’s show. That’s exactly what happens in the free market, right?

    Of course, the truth is that they only want it to happen to other people.

    For my own part, I’m happy for the people of Philly that their air will now be a little cleaner.


    1. The Righties really have no business at all complaining as stations pull Limbaugh’s show. That’s exactly what happens in the free market, right?

      Hi WK good to see you commenting. You are so right about the “free market” concept that right wingers espouse to. They’re always saying “the free market will work it out…” well that’s just what’s happening.

      Good assessment WK.


  5. I feel a bit sorry for the folks in Philadelphia, They will no longer have the pleasure of turning off the Rush Limbaugh show…


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