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GOP Oversight Chair Admits There Is No Evidence Of White House Involvement In Fast And Furious

Well, what do you know?  Now someone has to get that message over to Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

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Last week, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) claimed that the White House decision to invoke executive privilege to prevent the release of some documents related to the “Fast and Furious” investigation indicated some sort of admission of a White House cover-up. Today, pressed byFox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) admitted that there is absolutely no evidence to back up Boehner’s allegation:

WALLACE: Do you have any evidence that White House officials were involved in these decisions, that they knowingly misled Congress, and are involved in a cover-up?

ISSA: No, we don’t. And what we are seeking are documents that we know to exist, February 4 to December [2011] that are in fact about [murdered Border Patrol agent] Brian Terry’s murder, who knew, and why people were lying about it…

WALLACE: I want to be clear, because we’ve got to get out, no evidence that the White House is involved in the cover up?

ISSA: And I hope they don’t get involved.


Given that Boehner was first elected to Congress in 1990, he should certainly know better than to infer that “executive privilege” has to involve White House officials. Every administration over his lengthy Congressional tenure has asserted “deliberative process privilege” and as recently as 2008, Bush administration Attorney General Michael Mukasey rejected congressional subpoenas for reports of Department of Justice interviews with the White House staff regarding the Valerie Plame Wilson identify leak investigation citing the same privilege.

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Top 10 Cool Obama Moments (IMAGES AND VIDEOS)

Wendy Gittleson has compiled some nice pictures with the POTUS and others…

Addicting Info By   

Sure, I have a few beefs with the President. There are times when he’s too George Bush and others when he’s not George Bush enough (like when dealing with Congress), but Barack Obama is far and away the best Presidential possibility we have going right now. He’s incredibly smart. He’s compassionate. He’s empathetic. And, well, he’s just cool and here’s my evidence:


Barack the action star!

He loves babies and babies love him back.

He adores his own “babies” and they adore him back.

What woman doesn’t want her husband to look at her like this?


He keeps his cool even when the wicked witch of the west wags her bony finger.

“Why do people hate you?” Without talking down to a young boy, and without frightening him, he explains partisan politics.


He just seems natural with people, unlike, say, Mitt Romney.


I know we’ve all seen this one, but really, can we get enough of it?


And finally, he takes down Osama bin Laden and Donald Trump at the very same time, all while keeping’ it cool (and really funny).                                   


Fifteen Differences Between Democrats And Republicans

For your edification…

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I’ve noticed over the years, there are some fundamental differences in the way Republican and Democratic politicians think. Here are just 15 examples.

Republicans fear that the government has too much control over corporations. Democrats fear that corporations have too much control over our government.

Democrats believe it benefits all of us to help the weakest and the poorest among us. Republicans believe it benefits all of us to help the wealthiest and most powerful among us.

Republicans believe large corporations will always do what is best for the American people if the government stays out of the way. Democrats believe large corporations would disembowel you and sell your organs to the highest bidder if the government didn’t stop them.

Democrats believe everyone is entitled to health care regardless of their ability to pay. Republicansbelieve everyone is entitled to jack squat if they can’t pay for health care.

Democrats believe too much of our money goes to crooked corporate executives who take government subsidies and pay themselves $80 million salaries. Republicans believe too much of our money goes to teachers who make $30,000 a year.

Democrats believe anything that helps the American people during a recession or a time of crisis is the true essence of patriotism. Republicans believe anything that helps the American people during a recession or a time of crisis is the true essence of communism.

Democrats believe that we need to set high standards for clean air and drinking water. Republicans believe that standards for clean air and water are burdensome over-regulation.

Democrats believe the President and Congress need to work together to create jobs during a weak economy. Republicans believe that Congress should do nothing to create jobs and then blame the President.

Democrats believe that corporate polluters should be made to pay for the cleanup of their pollution.Republicans believe that making corporations clean up their pollution is burdensome over-regulation.

Democrats believe our health care system exists solely for the purpose of making people healthy. Republicans believe our health care system exists solely for the purpose of making a healthy profit.

Democrats believe Congress should be of the people, by the people and for the people.  Republicans believe corporations are the people.

Democrats believe that corporations have too much influence over Congress due to their lobbyists and huge campaign contributions. Republicans believe the middle class has too much influence over Congress due to their voting and paying taxes.

Democrats believe we need to protect victims of corporate negligence by allowing Americans to file lawsuits against corporations. Republicans believe we need to protect large corporations from lawsuits by Americans who’ve been victimized by them.

Democrats believe that the rich should be taxed more than the poor and middle class. Republicansbelieve that the rich should be allowed to keep all their wealth, except for the millions in campaign contributions they give to politicians.

Democrats believe that too much money in politics produces corruption and destroys the American way of life. Republicans believe that money and corruption in politics are the American way of life.

These are just my observations from a lifetime of watching Democratic and Republican politicians. I’m sure some Republican will come up with their own clever list.