2008: Darrell Issa Voted “YES” to Fund Project Gunrunner & Merida Initiative

I’m a day late on this information but it’s worth posting anyway.  Good work Daily Kos…

Daily Kos

The Merida Initiative is the, and was the, basis for the 2008 HR-6028 Bill whichspecifically funded “Project Gunrunner.”

Darrell Issa pretends he has never heard of Project Gunrunner, yet in 2008 he specifically voted to fund Project Gunrunner.

Apparently, there is more than just a huge connection between Merida Initiative andProject Gunrunner whereby Project Gunrunner funding, per HR-6028, is directly enveloped into the Merida Initiative.

In October 2007, President Bush and Mexico’s President Calderon announced the Mérida Initiative, is a Billions of dollar aid package to support President Calderón’s war on drugs by, among other things, sending military grade weapons and helicopters to Mexico.  Project Gunrunner was Legislated into the Merida Initiative through HR-6028 in 2008.  After ample Congressional debate on conditionality and appropriations, the US Congress approved the initiative in HR-6028 without any strings attached.


1)  Rep. Darrell Issa voted “yes” specifically to Fund: “Project Gunrunner” in June 2008.2) In January 2008: ATF went to Congress and asked Congress to Fund Project Gunrunner for 3 years.

3)  In 2008, HR-6028 combined “Project Gunrunner” with the “Merida Initiative” also known as the “Merida Program.”

4)  The Title of the Bill HR-6028 is:
Assistance for Mexico and Central America for Anti-Drug Programs (Merida Program)

5)   A SubSection of the Bill HR-6028 is Titled: PROJECT GUNRUNNER INITIATIVE

6)  Among other things, Project Gunrunner is directly funded through Merida Initiative

7)  In 2007 the Congress held hearings on Merida Initiative

8) Merida Initiative is complicated because it is an initiative that crosses through: Homeland Security, Secretary of State, ATF, FBI & DoJ.

Merida is kind of like an octopus as Merida has many tentacles that go through many different areas of US security departments.

     The notion that Darrell Issa had never heard of Project Gunrunner is bullsh!t since Issa voted “yes” to specifically fund Project Gunrunner in 2008.

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