Michele Bachmann

Good News, Liberals: ‘Crazy’ Michele Bachmann Is Back

Michele Bachmann

Hey, we’re just “sorting out the crazies”…

The Huffington Post

The Atlantic:

Remember when Michele Bachmann was the crazy right-wing congresswoman liberals loved to hate? The one who could be counted on to make inflammatory, nutty-sounding accusations on a regular basis, like when she said the media should investigate and expose the “anti-American views” of congressional liberals?

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5 thoughts on “Good News, Liberals: ‘Crazy’ Michele Bachmann Is Back

  1. Michele Buchmann Whining Leak, these Republicans need to Stop they Really Know where the Leak Came form John McCain and Lindsey Graham, this Have to do With Mitt Romney, even the MEDIA ask was Romney behind this Leak, we believer the Leak Came from the Arm Service Committee and John McCain Office. We Remember About Libya When John McCain was selling Weapons to the Libya President and his Son they didn’t know they was being recorded with McCain making deals, in 2008 McCain tried to Start a War with Georiga, Got a Stock Pile of Weapons and Some Humbees just Recently McCain and Lieberman went to Cambadia McCain was Raising Campaign Money, McCain and group got kicked out of Egypt. this is why we believe McCain and Romney is behind the leak.


    1. Welcome, Emma. Your comments are intriguing. I agree that Bachmann is the least of our worries and that the Romney camp has been devious and misleading, as is the entire GOP when it comes to using every trick in the book to oust President Obama. I believe the truth about the leaks and other efforts at sabotaging our country for the sake of defeating Obama will come to light long before the election.


  2. Sure Michele Buchmann is Crazy a Stone Nut. But we have bigger fish to fry, we want Romney and his Aide Glenn Hubbard Investigated for treason, on Friday of last Week-End, Romney and Hubbard, tried to Sabotage President Obama Working with the European Countries trying to get them on the right track working them and their Debt Crisis. Romney and his Aide, Wrote an Opinion off Ad in GERMAN NEWS PAPER, Business Section written in GERMAN LANGUAGE, attacking the PRESIDENT, telling the Euroopean not to do Business with the PRESIDENT, because his Policies is Bad. What Romney and his Aide did is Treason, Romney and his Camp know if European Fail we will fall back into Recession and other Countries would fail to, Romney is trying to Over throw this Country to hurt the PRESIDENT to try and Win, What ROMNEY and HIS AIDE DID IS TREASON. The MEDIA is COVERING UP ROMNEY DIRT, We know they knew what ROMNEY Had done on the Week-End, but on MONDAY they Focused On tagging the PRESIDENT FOR THE WORD FINE. Raher than WHAT ROMNEY HAD DONE on the WEEKEND.


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