Karl Rove

Karl Rove’s Super PAC “Jokes” That Commerce Secretary Bryson’s Seizure Was Drunk Driving

Conservatives are not very kind.  Where is the compassionate conservatism that they used to tout?  George W. Bush’s  administration adapted the concept as well? As I recall, Karl Rove was a part of that administration.

News Hounds

On Saturday evening, Commerce Secretary John Bryson was involved in an incident where he hit two cars in quick succession. ABC Newsreports that he was initially suspected of a hit and run, before medical professionals confirmed that he had a seizure. Think Progress notes in their report that this is his second major seizure incident in four years – the first one being when he collapsed at a meeting in 2008. However, American Crossroads, the brainchild of Fox News contributor Karl Rove, thought that it would be cute to post on Twitter that he was driving drunk. To make it even worse, a spokesman for the group explained to TPM that was it was posted as a joke. Yeah, that’s so funny I could throw up.


Meanwhile, despite the news about Bryson’s seizure, FoxNews.com is still milking the story. A video from America’s Newsroom is currently the top featured video on FoxNews.com. Its headline blares, “US Commerce secreary cited in hit-and-run: Obama Cabinet member John Bryson cited for felony hit-and-run following two car crashes.”


8 thoughts on “Karl Rove’s Super PAC “Jokes” That Commerce Secretary Bryson’s Seizure Was Drunk Driving

  1. Yeah, that’s so funny. It’s great to make fun of people with medical problems.

    In a civilized world, the Religious Right would be pointing out that this crap falls under the category of “bearing false witness.” I seem to remember that being kind of a big deal in the Old Testament. You know … unlike those notes which may or may not apply to homosexuality, God actually carved that one in stone and gave it to Moses in the story?

    But I guess we don’t count it when it’s done by Republicans. I forgot that caveat.


    1. The uninformed comments on why Bryson had his [two?] accidents: Just another case of Republicans “Shooting from the hip.”


  2. Seems to me many of the ‘breaking news’ reports for the past few years are comparable to ‘shooting from the hip’ while wearing a blindfold. It makes the same noise whether you hit a target or not.


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