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Koch Brothers Linked To Florida Voter Purge

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Gov. Rick Scott of Florida is trying to purge state voter rolls just before a key election. The purge targets 180,000 Floridians—87% of which are people of color. It gives them 30 days to prove their citizenship and if they fail to do so within this time frame, they will not be eligible to vote. If this plan succeeds, thousands of voters will be disenfranchised and will have a serious, negative impact on the election. Keep in mind that Bush “won” Florida by a slim margin of 537 votes in 2000.

Former Secretary of State Kurt Browning worked with Scott on the purge. Just before Scott selected Browning as Secretary in 2011, Browning led a group, Protect Your Vote Inc., which was created to oppose fair redistricting. One of the biggest checks that Browning’s organization received for$100,000 in 2010 was from the Center To Protect Patients’ Rights. At the time of the donation, the source of the money was cloaked in secrecy.

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NEW DATA: 6.6 Million Young Adults Insured Thanks To Obamacare

This is good news for proponents of Obamacare but doesn’t make an iota of difference to its opponents…

Think Progress

Even though much of the Affordable Care Act does not go into effect until 2014, conservatives insist the bill is making things worse for Americans. But a new study shows that one implemented provision of the ACA is already providing millions of young Americans with health insurance.

According to a study by the Commonwealth Fund, 6.6 million young adults have signed up for coverage through their parents’ health insurance plans. Under the ACA provision, young people can now stay on their parents’ plans until the age of 26. About half of the 19-to-25 year-olds interviewed for the study reported opting in to their parents’ plans between November 2010 and November 2011.

Last month, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Education Secretary Arne Duncan wrote college presidents and student organizations urging them to remind students they can stay on their parents’ plans after graduation. “Now, graduating students are free to make career choices based on what they want to do, not where they can get health insurance,” they wrote.

Some of President Obama’s staunchest critics are also beginning to realize the benefit of increased young people in insurance pools. Republican Senators Scott Brown and Roy Bluntbroke ranks to speak approvingly of the provision. Even Tea Party favorite Rep. Allen West  signaled his support of the measure in an interview with ThinkProgress.

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll also showed that about 71 percent of Americans view the provision favorably.

Late last year, the government estimated there would be 2.5 million new young adults covered under the provision. The new estimate is higher, in part, because it also includes young people who were previously covered but were able to obtain better, cheaper coverage under the Obamacare provision