Sherrif Joe Sends Birther ‘Investigators’ To Hawaii On Taxpayer Dime, Including Sheriff’s Deputy

I’m  amused by groups in the Tea Party or GOP who have looked for almost six years to find some dirt on Barack Obama.  It appears that the POTUS is just a normal, everyday American.

At what point do these Obama Derangement Syndrome characters realize that there’s no smoking gun out there?

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Joe Arpaio,Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, and one of the leading lights of the tragically dim ‘birther movement,’ has enlisted a sworn deputy to act as “security” in Hawaii for his ‘investigation.’ Arpaio has made a lot of noise in the past about his ‘Cold-Case Posse,’ and it’s supposed reliance on volunteers and donated funds, but now his investigation appears to need the use of a taxpayer-funded deputy.

What’s more, the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office has also provided the cost of airfare and hotel rooms for the deputy, as well as ‘volunteer posse member’ Mike Zullo. Arpaio says he expects to reimburse those costs, but why should Arizona taxpayers be expected to fund any part of this ridiculous vendetta?

Aside from all the usual motivations that most ‘birthers’ bring to the table, Sheriff Joe has an extra incentive in trying to displace President Obama; Arpaio’s administration is under investigation by the Justice Department for a variety of offenses that, of course, include racial discrimination.

And while it’s not unusual to find strains of racism at the heart of the movement, it’s not every birther that the Justice Department investigates.

It seems as though Arpaio is throwing all his (and now, Arizona’s) resources into some kind of 11th-hour, last-ditch B-movie quality conspiracy investigation that will show the president to be a foreign pretender. And cast himself as humble Sheriff Joe, the hero that saved the day. And while he contends that his investigations aren’t politically motivated, he has also claimed that they were all privately funded.

Arpaio contends that the deputy is a legitimate expenditure, “It’s one deputy, so what? We have security issues, too, that I can’t got into. For six months we were not spending any money. When you’re doing investigations sometimes things change, you put more resources into it.”

He also insists that the deputy is not expected to make any arrests saying, “He’s just a liaison to give advice if needed. He’s not doing anything. The posse’s been doing the research.”

So, now that law enforcement resources have been brought in, can we assume that Joe is that much closer to arresting Obama?

Author: kstreet607

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