Obama Derangement Syndrome

Republicans Appear Desperate By Coming Out With Conspiracies About Obama

This is the thing:

1)   The more the opposition threatens to or in fact actually says things about the POTUS on a personal basis, the more many minorities of all stripes will rally around him at the polls.

2)   They aren’t talking about his policies, they’re attacking him personally and that would in fact be their “Waterloo”.

I’ve referenced “Obama Derangement Syndrome” in previous posts.  ODS is essentially their problem.

3)   Make no mistake about it, although, these guys aren’t going away.  They have six months to execute their plans to make President Obama a “one term president”.

Here’s a small sampling:   

Drudge Goes Birther

Republican Congressman Goes Birther: Obama Is ‘Just Not An American’

New Super PAC Plans to Spend $10 Million to Link Obama to Jeremiah Wright

Romney attacked Obama for his association with Jeremiah Wright in February.

The Defeat Of Barack Hussein Obama–Politics Of Destruction Must 

The Obama Hate Machine: The Lies, Distortions, Personal Attacks 

Strategist Behind Proposed Reverend Wright Attack Ad Has Long History Of Race-Baiting

3 thoughts on “Republicans Appear Desperate By Coming Out With Conspiracies About Obama

    1. Wow, just wow! That exchange sounds so familiar. I started chatting about politics during the height of the Clinton impeachment. Conservatives (whether Dem or Repug) still say the same things to justify their ignorance, including calling the person opposing them, “stupid, dumb, ignorant, etc.”


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