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Tamron Hall Shuts Tim Carney Down: ‘You’re Not Gonna Come On And Insult Me’ (VIDEO)

Tamron Hall is a feisty young news commentator on MSNBC and she will not take the bullpocky  (h/t: Rachel Maddow) that some of her guests throw at her without rebutting with her opinion.

I Tivo her show News Nation on a daily basis.

On a lighter note regarding Ms. Hall, the word is that she and  MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell are a couple.  Since they are two of my many favorite personalities on MSNBC, I think it’s cute.

The Huffington Post

MSNBC’s Tamron Hall handily shut down guest Tim Carney on Friday, in an exchange so fiery that she immediately began trending on Twitter.

Hall asked Carney about Mitt Romney’s testy reaction to a reporter asking about marijuana on Thursday. Before addressing the question, he alleged that she and the rest of the media were focusing too much attention on the candidate’s past — including his bullying of two classmates in high school.

“What you’re doing here is a typical media trick,” Carney charged. “You hype up a story and justify the second-day coverage of the story.”

That set Hall off. She began to tell him that he didn’t have to “answer a single question” she asked or “accept the invitation to come on” and speak. Carney tried to interject, but she told him, “You’re kind of in my house,” and proceeded to smack him down for over a minute.

“You’re not gonna come on and insult me, you’re not gonna come on and insult the network when you knew what we were gonna talk about,” she concluded. “Done.” With that, she cut to another guest.

Hall immediately became a trending topic on Twitter, as people reacted to the segment. Viewers called her a “badass” and a “hero,” and said that she “schooled,” “filleted,” “checked” and “ripped a layer of skin off” Carney.

UPDATE: Tim Carney responded to the incident on Twitter:

@TPCarney Timothy P Carney

The question I was sent for the Romney bullying segment was “Does the story matter?” So I was answering it, not dodging.

He also sent an email to Politico about the fracas.

2 thoughts on “Tamron Hall Shuts Tim Carney Down: ‘You’re Not Gonna Come On And Insult Me’ (VIDEO)

  1. Wow … That a way Tamron! Sometimes I wonder why more of the media doesn’t keep challenging the talking heads. Imagine how little would be said during the presidential debates if the mics cutoff when they stopped answer the question … well, that’s assuming they started.


  2. “Waah! Waah! The press is picking on us!” – virtually every Republican for the past 35 years

    I am so tired of hearing Righties whine about how they’re picked on. If they want to say that a story doesn’t matter, then say so. But the whining about how the press picks on them is so very tedious.


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