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The following list is the most comprehensive and up to date accomplishments President Obama has achieved.

Now granted, this is a long list that I’ve reproduced from The PCTC Blog.  It’s worth reading in its entirety and please pass it on so that others, who have no clue about what the POTUS is doing, can see it all, in one place.

The PCTC Blog

One of the most irritating things I hear these days is the idea that President Obama is really no different than Bush, or that he’s a “disappointment.” Both of those characterizations are flat ignorant. If you truly believe that, you’re in serious denial, and you can’t be paying very close attention. In fairness, perhaps you were in a coma for the eight Bush Years, and if so, I forgive you. But please join the real world. So far, this president has done most of what he…

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Report: CIA foiled al-Qaida plot to destroy US-bound airliner

al-Qaida in the Arabian PeninsularUnder the POTUS’ direction,  our Special Forces and the CIA are kicking al-Qaida butts!

NBC and MSNBC News

The CIA foiled a plot by al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen to bomb a U.S.-bound airliner around the one-year anniversary of the killing of its former leader Osama bin Laden, The Associated Press reported.

According to the report, American officials say the plot involved a bomb with an improved design that upgraded the underwear bomb taken aboard a jetliner over Detroit on Christmas 2009. That explosive device failed to detonate.

The AP reports the improved bomb had a more refined detonation mechanism, but was still intended to be hidden in a passenger’s underwear.

An official told NBC News no airlines were ever at risk. The plot was disrupted well before it threatened Americans or U.S. allies, the official added.

Counter-terror officials deem the thwarted plot a “success story,” NBC News reported. They said they are analyzing the device.

According to the AP, the would-be suicide bomber was instructed to buy a ticket on the airliner of his choosing and decide the timing of the attack.

The U.S. officials interviewed spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive case, according to the AP.

In an exclusive meeting, a senior U.S. intelligence official told NBC News that Hassan al-Asiri — the so-called “master bomb-maker” for al-Qaida in Yemen — posed the single most dangerous threat to the United States.

According to the official, Asiri is the most capable of carrying out al-Qaida’s threat to launch a significant terrorist attack to kill Americans inside the United States.

Asiri designed the first underwear bomb that failed over Detroit and he was also the maker of the printer ink cartridge bombs that were discovered before they were shipped to the United States.

The senior official said counter-terrorism officials were seriously troubled by the ink cartridge bombs because they were “particularly sophisticated. “

Asiri has also implanted a bomb inside his brother in a failed attempt to assassinate Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the Saudi deputy interior minister. The minister survived, but Asiri’s brother did not.


Proof the Right Used Pre-Rally Picture To Claim Obama Arena Was Empty

The Right Wing is so very desperate to paint President Obama as a “loser”…

Politicus USA

The right has tried to claim that the arena was empty for Obama’s Ohio rally, but an analysis of the photo reveals that the picture was taken before the president went on stage.

Here is the picture of the “empty” arena:

Here a picture of Obama taking the stage at 1:20 PM ET:

Here is a view of the upper bowl that the right didn’t want you to see:

(That arena looks so empty with all of those people in it).

By comparing the first two photographs, we can see two things that prove that picture of Obama “failure” was taken before the event began. Notice that the crawler between the lower and upper bowls is blank in the first photograph, but once event began, the crawler/scoreboard featured a blue Obama/Biden logo. Secondly, check out the lighting in the first photograph.

If you look closely, you can see the shadows cast by the people standing on floor. The lighting likely wasn’t at full power, in other words the stage lighting is not on. As anyone who has ever been to a concert knows, the stage lights aren’t turned on until an act takes the stage. The house lights, which are the lights beneath the retired jersey banners, are used pre-event, post-event, and during intermissions. The photo was likely taken before the event because the people in the first photo are looking towards the stage. There also people in the stands, and there aren’t any visible people moving or heading for the exits. It looks like the crowd is waiting for the event to start, which suggests that President Obama wasn’t even on stage at the time the photograph was taken. Drudge and Breitbart’s evidence is a photograph that was taken when Obama wasn’t speaking.

The so called empty arena wasn’t empty at all. Over 14,000 people showed up in Columbus to kick off Obama’s reelection campaign.

Here are more pictures of the empty arena.

The crowd behind Obama:

More people who according to the right, aren’t there from Sarah Jones’s great slideshow:

Another look at the 14,000 + empty seats who disguised themselves as people:

 More people in the upper deck:

To put a bow on it, here’s video of the crowd from YouTube via DebbieDoesDaleks:

The truth is that President Obama drew 14,000+ in an 18,000 seat arena. It wasn’t a sellout, but it was about 13,500 more people than Romney’s largest crowd in Ohio. As the Washington Post pointed out Romney has drawn crowds of several thousand during the campaign, what they didn’t mention is that most of his thousands were bused in Mormon college students, but Obama’s crowd today was exponentially bigger than anything Mitt Romney has drawn this year.

The right wing media was trying to level the playing field. They want to erase the memory of Mitt Romney giving his big economic address to 80,000 empty seats at Ford Field in Detroit. The problem they have is that even though right wing media does, the photographs don’t lie.

The arena for the Obama event wasn’t empty. This was just another attempt by the right to plant a lie in the media, with the hope that it takes root and sprouts, but visual evidence and common sense are the pesticides needed to make sure that this weed never grows in our 2012 garden.

French Election 2012

France Elections: Hollande Beats Sarkozy To Become French President

France Elections 2012

The Huffington Post

In an almost universally expected result, Socialist candidate François Hollande has unseated French president Nicolas Sarkozy, winning the French presidential runoffSunday, France 24 reports. Hollande won 51.9 percent to Sarkozy’s 48.1 percent.

Reuters has also confirmed Mr. Hollande’s victory.

Mr. Sarkozy trailed Mr. Hollande in the days leading up to the runoff, according to the New York Times, and his popularity waned in the face of high unemployment, austerity and a possible recession throughout Europe.

The two candidates advanced to a runoff election after first-round elections held on April 22; according to France 24, Hollande won 28.63 percent of votes, while Sarkozy won 27.18 percent of votes. The surprise result of the first-round came for third-place Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front, who won a surprising 17.90 percent of votes, the highest the right-wing party had ever secured in a presidential race.