Seen On the Internet

Seen On The Internet

There is something seriously wrong with these stats!

H/t: Being Liberal

5 thoughts on “Seen On The Internet

  1. In 1970, it was reported that the RATIO was 40 to 1, either way that is one HELL of a JUMP! Especially considering that the WORKING CLASS barely kept up with inflation, if they did?



    “But in its claim that the U.S. ratio is 475 to 1, the chart conveys a sense of certitude and statistical precision that simply isn’t warranted — and which is contradicted by the facts. The latest number for the U.S. is 185 to 1 in one study and 325 to 1 in another — and those numbers were not generated by groups that might have an ideological interest in downplaying the gaps between rich and poor. We rate the claim on the U.S. ratio False.”


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