George Zimmerman

Zimmerman Raised More Than $200,000 For His Own Defense In Trayvon Martin Killing

George Zimmerman

No real surprise there…

TPM Muckraker

George Zimmerman raised more than $200,000 to defend himself in the killing of unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, his lawyer said on Thursday.

Attorney Mark O’Mara gave the figure in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, which was set to be broadcast Thursday night.

Zimmerman raised the money through a bizarre website, which he set up before his arrest. This week, the site was ordered shut down by O’Mara.

At a hearing last week, Zimmerman’s wife and father both said they had little money to pay for him to be released from jail should a judge grant him a bond. His father said he might have to take out a second mortgage out on his house to pay for it.

With that in mind, the judge set the bond amount at $150,000. Zimmerman’s family would have had to pay 10 percent, or $15,000, to secure his release.

Prosecutors had asked that Zimmerman be held in jail or granted a bond of no less than $1 million.

Zimmerman’s family was able to put together the $15,000 in just a few days and he was released early Monday morning from a Seminole County jail.

Zimmerman has been charged in second-degree murder in the killing, which has drawn international attention.

Watch an excerpt of the interview with O’Mara:

Hillary Clinton · Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh On Hillary Clinton: ‘All She Is Is A Secretary’ Who Needs To Wear Spanx

Think Progress

Since March, advertisers have been abandoning Rush Limbaugh in droves following a series of sexist attacks on Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke.

Today, Limbaugh turned his attention to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Limabugh said that Clinton “has reached a pinnacle and all she is is a secretary,” adding that the left has “the strangest definition of success.”

Limbaugh then said he was being prodded to talk about Clinton’s need to wear “Spanx,” but suggested she had a greater need for “Spankles.” Spanx are undergarments designed to reduce the visibility of body fat.


You can listen to Limbaugh’s [most recent] attacks on Sandra Fluke here.