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Marine who criticized Obama on Facebook: I wish I could take it back

The Marines say Staff Sgt. Gary Stein will be discharged for criticizing President Barack Obama on Facebook. He has since apologized to the president.

I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago…


Sgt. Gary Stein, the 26-year-old Marine who learned Wednesday he would be discharged for his online comments criticizing President Barack Obama, wishes he could take it back.

“People ask me, ‘Would you go back and change those words?’ I would most definitely,” Stein told “I would articulate my point better.”

On March 1, Stein wrote on a closed forum for active-duty meteorologists and oceanographers that he would say “Screw Obama” and not follow all orders from him, according to Courthouse News.

“Obama is the economic enemy,” he wrote in the post. “He is the religious enemy … He is the ‘fundamentally change’ America enemy … He IS the Domestic Enemy.”

Five minutes later, another Marine took down his post, but not before someone Stein knew took a screen shot and forwarded the comment to Stein’s superiors.

Stein had already been warned about a Facebook page he had started in 2010, which he namedArmed Forces Tea Party.

“They said, ‘All we ask is that you write that the views are not that of the Marine Corps or the Department of Defense,’” Stein said. He said he put up the disclaimer that day.

The Facebook page, which had six moderators, including Stein, included posts about contraception, gays in the military, pundit Keith Olbermann and Obama. One post included a photo of Obama with the word, “Jackass” written underneath. Stein said that was not his post.

Service members are, according to Directive 1344 of the Department of Defense, allowed to express personal opinions on political candidates, but not as representatives of the Armed Forces.

Last month, a three-member military panel recommended that he be booted from the Marine Corps. On Wednesday, Brig. Gen. Daniel Yoo accepted their recommendation that Stein be dismissed for violating military law.

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One thought on “Marine who criticized Obama on Facebook: I wish I could take it back

  1. No sympathy here whatsoever for that jerk. He joined the Marines to be a soldier and took a pledge to follow ALL orders from commanding officers – not to be a political pundit. I suppose if a crazed commanding officer ordered him to shoot babies he could reasonably disobey, but even then he would know there could be risks and consequences.

    No real soldier will see him as anything but a contemptible misguided fool.


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