Politico's Top Political Quotes

Politico’s: The week in one-liners: Obama, Mitt, Weiner


The top quotes in politics …

“The dog loved it.” — Ann Romney on putting their Irish setter in a crate on top of their car.

“Obama would never put a dog on top of a car. Dries out the meat.” — The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher joking about Obama eating dog meat as a child.

“I’m sorry Mr. President, he’s not on the menu!” — Sen. John McCain tweeting that Obama can’t eat his son’s dog.

“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.” — President Barack Obama on his upbringing.

“I’m not sure about these cookies.” — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sizing up some sweets.

“Why the f— am I not on MSNBC?!” — Then-Rep. Anthony Weiner freaking out back in the day, according to Robert Draper’s new book.

“I tell him, ‘Baby, my cash money.'” — A Colombian escort, quoted by the New York Times, in a dispute with a Secret Service agent.

“When u do God’s work so beautifully like I do the devils go berserk.” — Rocker Ted Nugent  pontificating on Twitter.

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