GOP's Obama Derangement Syndrome

Quote of the Day: Modern Conservatism

Mario Piperni

No More Mister Nice Blog:

…the unreported story of our times is that birtherism isn’t an isolated example of paranoid lunacy taking hold of a disturbingly large segment of the population — in fact, modern conservatism is driven by multiple lunatic theories that are precisely as delusional as birtherism.

True…but the mulitple lunacies have been reported time and time again. The problem is that the people who should be paying attention aren’t listening to anyone whose first name isn’t Rush, Glenn or Sean.

The theories:

  • Birtherism
  • Obama is a Muslim
  • Obama is a Communist
  • Obama is the anti-Christ
  • Obama eats little white babies on Tuesdays (made that one up…but not by much)
  • Tax cuts for the rich creates jobs
  • Homosexuality is a perversion and can be cured with prayer
  • The Tea Party is a grassroots movement
  • Corporations are people
  • Bush, Palin and Bachmann have functioning brains
  • Abstinence education prevents teenage pregnancies
  • Climate change is a hoax
  • The GOP in its current state is a serious political party
  • FOX News is fair and balanced
  • The Affordable Care Act creates death panels
  • Creationism is science
  • Evolution is a flawed theory

And on it goes…the delusional theories of a self-destructing political party.

GOP · Mario Piperni

Right-Wing Insanity Illustrated – Slideshow No. 31

Carmen is one of my favorite opera’s so Mario Piperni’s insertion of the famous operatic aria is a bonus.

However, the real story is Piperni’s political illustrations, which I have used a lot on this blog.   He has the GOP pegged to a tee and his illustrations are spot on.  I love this guy’s work.  His commentaries are really good as well.

Mario Piperni

What do you get when you combine Nana Mouskouri, one of my favorite operas (Bizet’s Carmen) and a few of my latest illustrations?

This, of course.