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Rep. Barney Frank: Ryan/Romney budget a ‘great scam’

Barney Frank

I love Rep. Barney Frank’s unabated opinions.  He dissects Paul Ryan’s budget with skill and candor.  No holds barred for this guy!  I love Rep. Frank.


Daily Kos 

Rep. Barney Frank has a lot to say to TPM about “the great scam” that is the House Republican budget, none of it complementary and all of it spot on.

“It’s not deficit reduction when you increase military spending so that you can make up for that by cutting Medicare and Medicaid. That’s not budget reduction. That’s ideology. That’s the right wing,” Frank told TPM. “The other great scam for Ryan is to say, ‘Oh, I’m not going to help the rich people … I’m going to lower their rates and get rid of loopholes,’ although he doesn’t mention a single loophole that he’ll get rid of.”

Thanks for be willing to say it, Rep. Frank. We’re going to miss you.

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