Foster Friess: I Hope Obama’s ‘Teleprompters Are Bulletproof’

Mr. Friess realized what he said and quickly stated that maybe he shouldn’t put it that way

The Huffington Post

Wealthy GOP super PAC donor Foster Friess, fresh off announcing a conversion from Rick Santorum’s corner to Mitt Romney’s, drew a little unwanted attentionWednesday when he used gun imagery to weigh in on the shifting state of the 2012 race.

“There are a lot of things that haven’t been hammered at because Rick and Mitt have been going at each other,” Friess said during an interview on Fox Business News. “Now that they have trained their barrels on President Obama, I hope his teleprompters are bulletproof.”

He quickly went on to admit that he “probably shouldn’t have said that.”

It’s not the first time Friess has created controversy during a media appearance.

In February, then a top surrogate for Santorum, Friess spoke with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell about what he described as the triviality of the contraception debate.

“This contraceptive thing, my gosh it’s such [sic] inexpensive. Back in my days, they used Bayer Aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly,” he said.

He later apologized for the failed “joke.”

As a Santorum supporter, Friess donated around $1.6 million to the pro-Santorum Red White and Blue Fund, a super PAC that spent about $7.5 million in support of the candidate.

But in the wake of Santorum’s departure from the race, Friess announced that he’d be turning his efforts toward presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“I’m obviously going to be of help in whatever way I can,” Friess told Politico earlier this week.

ABC News later reported that the Romney campaign had reached out to him for support, but it’s unclear whether he’s been any help so far.

Earlier on Wednesday, he spoke on Fox News and made a questionable statement about Romney.

“I think he’s had reversals in his positions,” Friess said, after calling the former Massachusetts governor “decent.” “Now, it’s going to be very hard for him not to sick with those positions.”

Human Interest

Six embarrassing walking-while-texting fails…

Occasionally multi-tasking can be hazardous to your well being.  Texting while walking is one such hazard.

Some humor and a few of WTF!?’s for you on this beautiful Thursday morning…

The Week

It’s against the law to drive and text in most states. These not-so-careful people make a case for banning cell phones from the sidewalk, too

We’ve all done the walk-and-text, an awkward dance that involves fiercely mashing your phone while looking up every so often to make sure you don’t collide with the nearest lamppost. But some unfortunate citizens are so absorbed in their little screens, or so oblivious to their surroundings, that their multitasking attempts result in calamity and/or hilarity. Here, 6 walking-while-texting fails:

1. The man who nearly ran into a bear
Vaz Terdandenyan of LaCrescenta, Calif., was walking down the street, texting away, when he came within a snout’s distance of a black bear on the loose. “Luckily, the man managed to look up from his LOLs and JK’s and emojicons just in time to OMG and run away,” says Neetzan Zimmerman at Gawker. The bear was eventually captured by wildlife authorities and returned to his natural habitat.

2. The woman who walked off a pier

Bonnie Miller was enjoying a nice stroll on a pier in Benton Harbor, Mich., while she sent a few texts, when she suddenly found herself in the river that links up with Lake Michigan. The pier was a good six feet above the water, so her husband dived in to help her. A helpful stranger also came to Miller’s rescue. They were all eventually joined by the police, the fire department, and the U.S. Coast Guard, which finally hauled the trio up onto the pier.

3. The woman who fell onto the train tracks
A Washington, D.C., woman was riding an escalator down to the subway, texting, when she reached the bottom and kept walking, still texting, until she fell off the platform onto the tracks. Jonathan Dende, a 23-year-old visiting the capital from Pennsylvania, jumped down to help her, not realizing that they were both only feet away from the 750-volt electrified third rail. But they both managed to get back on the platform before the train arrived. Dende commiserated with the woman, telling her “he fell down some stairs while texting once,” says Sherri Ly at MyFoxDC.com. But it turns out “he made the story up” just to make her feel better.

4. The woman who fell into the mall fountain
In easily the most famous walking-while-texting fiasco, Cathy Cruz Marrerro of Reading, Mass., was walking through the mall one day, texting, when she abruptly slipped headlong into a fountain. “I could see the pennies and nickels at the bottom of the fountain and then I was in it,” she told the Reading Eagle. Dubbed the “Fountain Lady,” Marrero said she was considering suing mall security for failing to help her. They can be heard laughing on the footage of the security video, which was quickly disseminated across the internet.

5. The woman who fell down the stairs
A news crew in Canada was filming a report that caught a woman walking in the background, texting, heedless of the short flight of steps in her path. Ouch!

6. The teenager who fell down a manhole
Alexa Longueira of Staten Island, N.Y., was walking down the street, texting, when “in classic Looney Toons style, she disappeared into an open man hole cover,” says Warren Riddle atSwitched. The 15-year-old fell into the hole just moments after workers had gone to fetch some cones to mark it off. She reportedly plunged five feet before “landing in a pile of muck.” Luckily she emerged relatively unscathed.

GOP Lies · Rep. Allen West · Rep. Barney Frank

Barney Frank Slams Allen West: ‘Not Even Joe McCarthy Would Have Said Anything So Stupid’

Barney Frank Allen West Communist

The Huffington Post

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) on Wednesday tore into Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) for saying that members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are communists.

“Not even Joe McCarthy would have said anything so stupid and dissociated from reality,” Frank said in a call with The Huffington Post. “It’s an indication of the significant deterioration of the Republican Party as a responsible entity that an ignorant, mean guy like Allen West is considered one of their stars.”

The Massachusetts Democrat, who is retiring this year after 16 terms in Congress, said he is proud of his record over the years in cooperating with even the most conservative of Republicans. But West’s remarks — he told constituents on Tuesday that as many as 80 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are members of the Communist Party — show that the current flank of House Republicans leaves little room for bipartisanship, Frank said.

“I ask people, when you hear something so breathtakingly dumb and vicious as that, how do people expect us to be able to work out some compromise with him?” Frank said. Asked why he felt West’s comments were “vicious,” Frank said it is because communism has historically been a doctrine of repressing people’s rights.

“It is exactly the opposite of those of us in the Congressional Progressive Caucus who are in support of freedom, in support of democracy, in support of people’s basic rights and civil liberties,” he said. “Communism is really a reference to some of the worst human rights abuses of our time … It is meant to delegitimize people and allow no basis for debate. It’s a very nasty label.”

He added, “I very much object to being associated with Stalin or Khrushchev.”

Frank contacted The Huffington Post while in Hawaii, where he said he was campaigning for Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) and meeting with Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D), a former House colleague. Frank said his partner, James Ready, was also with him and getting in some surfing, an activity Frank said he preferred to “just watch.”

GOP Lies · Rep. Allen West

Allen West says many Dems in Congress are communists

So, what has Rep. West been smoking lately?

Also, why do Tea Party types say the craziest things imaginable, almost all the time?

The Miami Herald

This just goes to show that there is no such thing as a boring town hall when Republican Congressman Allen West is speaking. At a town hall in Jensen Beach Tuesday covered by TCPalm, a man asked West this question (this is the best we could make out in the video) “what percentage of the American Legislature do you think are card-carrying Marxists (something garbled) Socialists?”

West’s reply: “That’s a good question. I believe its about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party are members of the Communist Party.”

PolitiFact asked West’s spkeswoman Angela Melvin for an explanation today: “The Congressman was referring to the 76 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The Communist Party has publicly referred to the Progressive Caucus as its allies. The Progressive Caucus speaks for itself. These individuals certainly aren’t proponents of free markets or individual economic freedom.”

We read that response to Jennifer Gore, a spokeswoman for U.S. Rep.Keith Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota who co-chairs the caucus. Here’s a snapshot of what she said: “all of that is false.”

We also contacted the Communist Party USA. Vice president Libero Della Piana said that none of the less than 5,000 members are members of Congress.

“Trust me — if a member of Congress applied to join the Communist Party we would know about it. It would set up some red flags — pardon the pun.”

PolitiFact will be fact-checking West’s claim about how many — if any — Democrats in Congress are Communists.