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Republicans just don’t get it

President Obama greets the audience at the White House Forum on Women and the Economy on Friday.

Joan Walsh – Salon

As the GOP continues to repel women voters, can you blame President Obama for opening his arms to greet them?

Just as Mitt Romney was making  the case to Newsmax, that paragon of journalistic integrity, that the so-called Republican war on women is entirely concocted by Democrats, Republican Scott Walker was quietly signing a law that repealed Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Enforcement law, which made it easier for women to seek damages in discrimination cases. Driven by state business lobbies, the repeal passed the GOP-dominated Legislature on a strict party line vote, and Walker signed it, with no comment, Thursday afternoon.

President Obama, meanwhile, was hosting a White House summit on women and the economy Thursday. Predictably, Republicans howled that the president is merely courting another “interest group” and playing politics. There was no doubt some politics at play during the summit; at one point participants chanted, “Four more years!”

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8 thoughts on “Republicans just don’t get it

  1. The points that Joan Walsh made in her article are superficial.

    Do women really care if contraception is covered in their employers’ health care plan? Do only the male Catholics believe that this edict not be forced on the Church?

    How many women (and men) are going to making the decision on whether they want 4 more years of Barry or ABO on if they even have a job at all? If they are able to feed their children? If they can afford to fill their gas tanks?

    Barry’s campaign strategy is based on divide and conquer the American people. Unfortunately, too many people are being suckered into these distractions.


    1. My question to you is if all of your questions are answered in favor of the Democrats come November, will you accept that your views wrong? Or will you simply say the American electorate was “suckered”? Or will you argue that the results are invalid because of fraudulent votes? Or will you merely start another campaign of invective against the President and his party. Who would you choose to shout “You still lie!” at next January’s State of the Union Address?


      1. My views, my beliefs will not change because of the outcome of one election. If I allowed that to happen I would be a drone like those women above.

        Out of “suckered” or “invalid”; I’ll vote “suckered”.

        Actually if Barry wins relection I blame the Republicans for not nominating a candidate that is not a stark contrast to the opposition.

        Who would I choose to shout “You still lie!”? That’s the easiest question of all, ME!!


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