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How Does Obama Keep America Safe? By Doing The Job Bush Couldn’t Be Bothered With

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Rachel Maddow had a blockbuster exclusive [Monday] night as she reported on the ongoing efforts of the Department of Energy’s (you know, that department that the GOP wants to get rid of) efforts to secure loose nuclear material all over the world. Her specific report was on all of the highly enriched Uranium in Mexico being transported to the United States in secret for disposal. That means that except for a literal handful of material that is accounted for, there is no weapons grade (or potentially weapons grade) HE Uranium left south of the border.

While we’ve been quietly gathering this material since the Clinton administration, it was only when Obama took office that those efforts received the attention they deserved, particularly in light of the “war on terror.” Remember, the Bush administration dragged us into two wars on the claims that terrorists were out to get us and it might just be with nuclear weapons. Yet, no particular emphasis was made on securing nuclear material that, at the very least, could be made into a dirty bomb. Quite the opposite, the Bush administration outed Valerie Plame, a CIA operative whose entire job was to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on nuclear material. Why? Political retaliation.

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