Fox Poll Shows Obama Winning Over Romney and Tea Party Loathed

What a difference two years make for the Tea Baggers

Politicus USA

Fox News’ latest polling data should alarm the Republican Party, because it shows President Barack Obama winning over Mitt Romney in a general election, the Democratic Party with higher favorables than the Republican Party, Mitt Romney with low favorables and the Tea Party in the dumps.

Here’s the data for how the public, per the Fox poll (conducted by Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) of 912 registered voters by landline and cell), views the various parties:

Favorable VS Unfavorable:

Barack Obama 50%, 47%
The Democratic Party 48%, 44%
Mitt Romney 39%, 49%
The Republican Party 39%, 52%
Ron Paul 35%, 44%
Rick Santorum 35%,47%
Tea Party Movement 30%, 51%
Newt Gingrich 23%, 67%

Only Newt Gingrich is loathed more than the Tea Party. And while Mitt Romney has only 2% more unfavorable ranking than the President, Romney’s favorables are another story. Only 39% view Mitt favorably, while 50% view Obama favorably.

Mitt Romney’s troubles don’t end there. His unfavorables have almost doubled at 49%, with the steady descent starting in 2010 at 28% unfavorable. At the same point in time, his favorable ranking was 40% and it has remained pretty steady at 39%. As people get to know Mitt, his unfavorables rise.

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Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

10 thoughts on “Fox Poll Shows Obama Winning Over Romney and Tea Party Loathed”

  1. Sheila –

    I merely challenged your assumption.

    I suppose you think that the moon is made of the same sort of material as the earth. What if I insisted that the moon is made of green cheese and that last week I saw a cow jump over it? Would I just be challenging your assumption?

    The Truth is whatever it is. We do not own The Truth. Because we are small finite creatures, we can only perceive a limited portion of The Truth. We see only that portion of The Truth that our own point-of-view allows us to see.

    Unfortunately, we often choose to see even less of The Truth than we have the capacity to see. We cover over our senses with the blinders of our biases. We choose to ignore whatever we do not want to believe. We may even pretend that it is okay for us and others to have our own version of The Truth. Then, because we have chosen to believe something we know is not true, we risk doing both ourselves and others a disservice.

    When we do evil, we have to ignore the fact that we are doing something wrong. We have to allow our desires and biases to hide from our eyes and ears a portion of The Truth. We have to allow that which is inside us, from our heart, to blind our thoughts. We have to become willfully ignorant.

    Check out Mark 7:1-23.


  2. Citizen Tom, you said:

    What I suggest you consider is what kicked off the Tea Party. The election of Barack Obama did not set off the Tea Party. What set off the Tea Party was a series of huge and unconstitutional spending bills, including that so-called Affordable Health Care Bill.

    I beg to differ:


    1. After watching about a third of the video, I went to the end. It is a production of NEW LEFT MEDIA. When they call themselves NEW LEFT MEDIA, do you really think you are going to get an unbiased report? Have they not just promised to tell you what YOU WANT TO HEAR?

      I was at the event. Here ( are the pictures I took with a cheap cell phone camera. Do I have a bias? Yes, but I do not make any money off of politics.

      Nobody will ever know how many people showed up for that event. The estimates were all over the place, but there could have been two million ( Were there were some people there with differing agendas? In a crowd that large? Of course, and with some effort, I don’t doubt an industrious “reporter” could get enough photos and interviews to misrepresent the event. Gosh! He could even find ordinary citizens he could get tongue-tied in front of a camera.

      When you use such a video to “prove” other people’s ignorance, stupidity, the cupidity, or whatever evil you wish, consider what you have accomplished. You have just made a case for keeping those people from having any role in how you run your life. Why would you want such people, people you have such a low opinion of, to have a serious role in choosing how you run your own life, much less have any influence over your health care choices? Yet if you insist upon using the power of government to be a busybody, you must pay with the lost of your own freedom.

      What goes around comes around.


      1. Come on Tom, anything I say you will shoot it down espousing your ideology and vice versa. MY POINT was to challenge your statement about what the Tea party was about. YOU SAID:

        What I suggest you consider is what kicked off the Tea Party. The election of Barack Obama did not set off the Tea Party. What set off the Tea Party was a series of huge and unconstitutional spending bills, including that so-called Affordable Health Care Bill.

        I merely challenged your assumption.

        Thanks for your posts. Have a good evening.


    1. Citizen Tom, I never sent you a link because until now, I had no idea your very nice blog existed.

      Let me speak about the term “Tea Bagger” for a second: When the Tea Party first started, they called themselves “Tea Baggers”. Then when several television personalities read what the term meant, they changed it to “Tea Partier” or some similar noun/adjective.

      I’ll admit I wasn’t being very nice when I purposely called them “Tea Baggers” but in the overall scheme of things, they haven’t been very nice either. I thought twice about typing the word and ultimately decided to keep it. Now, if my using the term ‘tea baggers’ is YOUR definition of insanity, please tell me what your definition of this, this and this is?


      1. kstreet607 – None of those links are any worse than what the DCCC has been sending me routinely for years. Yeah! It was not my idea, but I am on their email list.

        I have been to Tea Party rallies. They are orderly affairs. Even when Democrat congressmen had to walk through crowds of us, they were not afraid of us. No, they were angry with us, and they lied and said someone spit on them. That did not happen, but the congressmen knew we were there to peacefully protest their health care mandate and and all the money they waste. And such honest and rightful protest they hate.

        Instead portraying the Tea Party for what it is, a spontanious citizen protest against abuses of government power, what the corporate news media has done is try to portray the Tea Party as a bunch of ignorant fanatics. And you have bought their propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Shame on you!

        What I suggest you consider is what kicked off the Tea Party. The election of Barack Obama did not set off the Tea Party. What set off the Tea Party was a series of huge and unconstitutional spending bills, including that so-called Affordable Health Care Bill.

        Instead of condemning people you know nothing about, please read our nation’s founding documents, including the Federalist Papers. Try to understand the spirit of the people who created the Constitution. Have you actually studied the Bible? Do you know what the founders believed about God and man? If you did, then maybe you would understand what the founders knew of the nature of man. Because we cannot trust even our own motives, we cannot trust the government with too much power, particularly a power as dangerous as the power to redistribute the wealth.

        Spin it any way you want, but redistributing the wealth is just another way for one man to steal with rightfully belongs to another. Eventually, when government has such power, some men will abuse that power. They will enslave their neighbors. And to add insult to the injury, these slave masters will justify their misconduct by claiming what they do is for the good of those they have enslaved.


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