Jon Stewart On GOP Warnings Of 2nd Obama Term: ‘The First Term Was Laying The Trap?’

This clip is priceless.

You gotta love this guy’s exceptional wit and spot-on political analysis, which blends meticulously in his comedy sketches…


As the November election approaches, Republicans are beating the sound of a familiar drum from 2008 on President Obama– that he is a radical, bent on destroying the Catholic Church and Second Amendment, out to “fundamentally transform” America. On tonight’s Daily Show,Jon Stewart took a look at how well the predictions from 2008 have fared, and how absurd some of today’s predictions are in that context.

He began with some clips from 2008, notably Rep. Steve King asserting that “radical Islamists will be dancing in the streets” if President Obama were elected. “Talk about hitting the nail, if you replace ‘dancing’ with ‘dodging unmanned missiles raining hellfire from the sky,’” Stewart deadpanned.

By now, he noted, “we’ve pretty much gotten first term,” and “conservatives got a little kicked in the crystal balls.” So what is on the menu for 2012? He noted Newt Gingrich stating President Obama was desirous of a “war on Catholicism;” an NRA executive expecting the Second Amendment to be obliterated the first day after inauguration. “If Obama hasn’t been able to pull any of that shit off during the first term of his presidency, what is he waiting for?” Stewart asked. “The whole first term is just laying the trap,” he mused, perhaps “all he has done in his first term is just a canard so they he can get a second term?”

The clip via Comedy Central…

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