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6 Year-old Saves Mom’s Life By Calling 911

Frankie Ford JrThis is heart warming and awesome…

The Huffington Post

Early on Jan. 19, Frankie Ford Jr. noticed something was wrong with his mom, Debbie.

The mother of three was suffering a severe asthma attack in their Commercial Township, N.J. home. Six-year-old Frankie reacted fast — he picked up the phone and dialed 911, even offering to perform chest compressions, US News reports.

“Please… my mom’s dying,” Frankie said to the operator, according to NBC Philadelphia.

“I got pump for you?” he asked. “My mom, for you? My mom, my hands on her heart.”

“I was feeling pretty scared and sad,” Frankie told US News. And rightfully so — an EMT on the scene said Debbie was minutes from going into cardiac arrest.

His mom isn’t the only one calling Frankie a hero: He received a plaque from the local 911 unit and a blue BMX mongoose bike for his actions.

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