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Fox Host Eric Bolling To Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘Step Away From The Crack Pipe’

I’ve figured it out.  Bolling and the other bottom feeders over at Faux News have to feed their ignorant, bigoted, misogynistic, brain-dead viewers with this sort of fodder every evening and on their internet site Fox Nation, so they say and do things like this just to get a rise from their base and from angered liberals.

Now that I get what they’re doing, I’m not as angry as I was when I first read this piece.  I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re all a bunch of sick asses over there.

Think Progress

Fox News host Eric Bolling — who is fond of discussing President Obama’s penchant for “chugging 40′s” and inviting “hoodlum[s] in hizzouse” and the “crib” — told Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) this morning that she should “step away from the crack pipe.” While discussing Waters strong rhetoric about bankers and the GOP leadership, Bolling, without any apparent relevancy aside from the fact they are both African-American women, offered some friendly advice: “Congresswoman, you saw what happened to Whitney Houston. Step away from the crack pipe.” Watch it via Media Matters.

Good News

6 Year-old Saves Mom’s Life By Calling 911

Frankie Ford JrThis is heart warming and awesome…

The Huffington Post

Early on Jan. 19, Frankie Ford Jr. noticed something was wrong with his mom, Debbie.

The mother of three was suffering a severe asthma attack in their Commercial Township, N.J. home. Six-year-old Frankie reacted fast — he picked up the phone and dialed 911, even offering to perform chest compressions, US News reports.

“Please… my mom’s dying,” Frankie said to the operator, according to NBC Philadelphia.

“I got pump for you?” he asked. “My mom, for you? My mom, my hands on her heart.”

“I was feeling pretty scared and sad,” Frankie told US News. And rightfully so — an EMT on the scene said Debbie was minutes from going into cardiac arrest.

His mom isn’t the only one calling Frankie a hero: He received a plaque from the local 911 unit and a blue BMX mongoose bike for his actions.

U.S. Politics

Keith slams Breitbart and anti-Occupy ‘propagandists’ for ‘exploiting rape victims’

If one takes the time to observe Andrew Breitbart, one might find that inside that angry facade is a very mean person who hates liberals with a  passion.   So much so in fact, that he might at times, manipulate videos to his own advantage or outright lie about the people that he hates,  just to make them look like the “slime” he perceives them to be.

Keith Olbermann gives a stunning example of this…

The Raw Story

Keith Olbermann on Wednesday night blasted conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart for claiming that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement condoned rape.

“The subject of rape itself is no laughing matter,” he said. “The allegation that a political or cultural group condones or encourages rape and sexual assault, against anyone, is virtually as serious a charge as can be leveled. Yet nearly just as bad, is to fabricate, twist, and alter facts, to make it seem like such a charge against such a group has credence.”

Breitbart recently shouted that members of the 99 Percent movement should “stop raping people,” a reference to reports of crime and sexual assaults at some “Occupy” camps.

The various demonstrations across the country took place in public parks and most of them offered free food and shelter. This attracted a number of people who were not strictly a part of the movement, including criminals and other troublemakers.

After DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas appeared on Olbermann’s show on Tuesday and accused Breitbart of “mak[ing] stuff up,” Lee Stranahan of Big Journalism demanded an on-air retraction and apology. He cited a list of 17 news stories of rape and other sexual crimes at “Occupy” protests.

But Olbermann said that list include some stories twice and could not be attributed to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. In four of the stories, he noted, neither the victim nor the assailant were even associated with the protest. In seven other stories, the protesters were the victims, not the assailants.

“That is the evidence that Andrew Breitbart has submitted to rationalize his irrational attempt to smear the Occupy movement and Occupy members, as rapists, and to brand anybody who points out his dishonesty, his twisting of the facts, and who bothers to actually read the stories that disprove his own contention, as a rape denier or rape apologist,” Olbermann said.

“What Mr. Breitbart and his fellow propagandists have done, in fact, is to take at least eight women, eight members of Occupy, who were raped or otherwise assaulted, and blamed them.”

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, at link here

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Pat Robertson Claims Obama is Becoming a Dictator

Another right-wing nut case…

Right Wing Watch

Conservatives just seem to love calling President Obama a dictator, as today on the  700 Club televangelist Pat Robertson repeated his claim that Obama is building a dictatorship. Robertson argued Obama “doesn’t care about the real management of the United States government” but only wants to win re-election and “impose a so-called progressive agenda upon America.” “He wants to take control of every aspect of this nation by the federal government,” Robertson said, “If you want a dictatorship, then that’s the way to get it because he’s giving it to you.”


Right Wing Extremism · Right Wing Myths and Falsehoods · Right-wing Media

Fischer: Women are Emotionally Unfit for Combat

Does anyone else see what I see regarding the GOP?  They are increasingly going batcrap insane.  Here’s another example of their extreme sexist (anti-woman) point of view:

Right Wing Watch

Last week, Rick Santorum explained that he was opposed to any plans by the Pentagon to place women in combat positions, asserting that the “types of emotions that are involved” would compromise combat effectiveness.

Santorum quickly “clarified,” saying that he didn’t mean that women were emotionally unsuited for serving in combat but rather that male soldiers would be protective of female soldiers and inclined to compromise the mission in order to defend them.

Not surprisingly, Bryan Fischer agrees with Santorum … and is even willing to defend the view that Santorum himself rejected: that women are inherently emotionally unfit for combat:

But not only are women emotionally unfit for combat but also physically unfit because, as Fischer explained in his column today, “the average female soldier does not even have the arm strength to throw a grenade far enough to keep herself from getting blown up.”


Moyers: Meet the Shameless Plutocrats Choking What’s Left of Our Democracy

I couldn’t agree more with Bill Moyers.  Many people don’t realize just how perilously close we’re coming to losing our democracy.   Plutocrats are trying their best to make this happen by buying the 2012 election.


The race for the White House may cost more than two billion dollars. What’s getting trampled into dust are the voices of people who aren’t rich.

Watching what’s happening to our democracy is like watching the cruise ship Costa Concordia founder and sink slowly into the sea off the coast of Italy, as the passengers, shorn of life vests, scramble for safety as best they can, while the captain trips and falls conveniently into a waiting life boat.

We are drowning here, with gaping holes torn into the hull of the ship of state from charges detonated by the owners and manipulators of capital. Their wealth has become a demonic force in politics. Nothing can stop them. Not the law, which has been written to accommodate them. Not scrutiny — they have no shame. Not a decent respect for the welfare of others — the people without means, their safety net shredded, left helpless before events beyond their control.

The obstacles facing the millennial generation didn’t just happen. Take an economy skewed to the top, low wages and missing jobs, predatory interest rates on college loans: these are politically engineered consequences of government of, by, and for the one percent. So, too, is our tax code the product of money and politics, influence and favoritism, lobbyists and the laws they draft for rented politicians to enact.

Here’s what we’re up against. Read it and weep: “America’s Plutocrats Play the Political Ponies.” That’s a headline in “Too Much,” an Internet publication from the Institute for Policy Studies that describes itself as “an online weekly on excess and inequality.”

Yes, the results are in and our elections have replaced horse racing as the sport of kings. Only these kings aren’t your everyday poobahs and potentates. These kings are multi-billionaire, corporate moguls who by the divine right, not of God, but the United States Supreme Court and its Citizens United decision, are now buying politicians like so much pricey horseflesh. All that money pouring into super PACs, much of it from secret sources: merely an investment, should their horse pay off in November, in the best government money can buy.

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Rick Santorum


The Huffington Post

Rick Santorum Cast Himself As ‘Progressive Conservative,’ Non-Reaganite In First Campaign

Making his first run for Congress in the early 1990s, this candidate promised not to be a Reagan Republican, fashioned himself a progressive conservative, said he was impartial on unions and stayed vague on abortion rights.

It’s a description that fits Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor whose past political pursuits in that state have weighed down his current presidential ambitions. But in this case, it applies to former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, whose own political origins have been explored in far less depth.

In his circuitous path to the top of the primary polls, Santorum has presented himself as the pure conservative alternative to Romney. But an extensive review of newspaper archives and interviews with officials involved in his successful 1990 congressional race against Rep. Doug Walgren (D-Pa.) suggests that Santorum was cut from a similar GOP cloth as his current adversary.

Take, for instance, a November 3, 1990, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, in which Santorum distanced himself from Ronald Reagan.

Santorum insisted that he was the one who is more in touch. ‘From child care to taxes, we’re right for this district. This district has had enough of government sticking its nose constantly in our business,’ he said, insisting nonetheless that he is not a Reagan Republican.

The Reagan line echoes Romney’s own memorable remark from his 1994 Senate campaign, when he said that he didn’t “want to return to Reagan-Bush.”

Santorum reportedly made a similar statement on a separate occasion. According to an October 28, 1990 piece in the Pittsburgh Press, the afternoon newspaper that eventually became part of thePost-Gazette, he described himself as a “progressive conservative” in his campaign manual.

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