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Card Trick: The New Attack on Obama’s Citizenship

Veracity Stew

There is a new attack on President Obama’s citizenship and education being circulated via email among  conservatives. The email includes an image of a Columbia University identification card for a foreign student named Barry Soetoro. The card includes the photo of Barack Obama.

Columbia ID showing Barack Soetoro / Foreign Student

The email’s author states:

“Could this be the reason his ‘classmates’ don’t remember him, or why his records can’t be found? Perhaps he was not even ‘Barack Obama’ at the time!”

First of all — many of his former classmates, as well as professors, remember Barack Obama while he attended Columbia University.

Secondly — Of course there are records of Obama’s time at Columbia. That’s just absurd.

Thirdly — The perpetrator of this latest attack isn’t very talented when it comes to faking an identification. The one included in the email is a fake and here’s why…

  1. The fake Columbia ID above is not even the design or format used on student IDs during the time Barack Obama was a student at Columbia from 1981-83.
  2. The digital ID card format show on the fake idea wasn’t even used at Columbia until 1996.

The fake ID is simply an altered version of a card issued to another student at Columbia in 1998 (as shown below):

The real 1998 ID used for the fake. Note the student ID number.

[Source: Snopes.com ]

4 thoughts on “Card Trick: The New Attack on Obama’s Citizenship

  1. Snopes is a Liberal organization, and can’t be relied on to give unbiased information. Both IDs look the same to me. Even if the word “foreign” was changed, no matter who he is or where he’s from, he has done great damage to our country.

    People need to wake up – get their heads out of the sand.


    1. Got an example, there, Millie, or are you just reciting the crap that Glenn Beck tells you?

      I see people accuse Snopes of being dishonest all the time, but I’ve never seen a fact-based critique. Just like yours, all the posts say is that they’re liberal.


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