Sunday Blog Round Up

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Romney-Backer John McCain Rejects Romney’s Immigration Policy Of Self-..
During an NBC GOP presidential debate last month, Mitt Romney drew laughter from som..

Republican Indiana Secretary Of State Convicted Of Voter Fraud
Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (R) Though President Ronald Reagan called t..

Sunday Talk: You’re the man now, dog!
Having now won the Florida primary and Nevada caucuses , and been honored with the c..

The 1% Solution in Oakland and NYC is to Erase Those Who Would Expose ..
This morning, the Oakland police again dismantled the Occupy camp in Oscar Grant Pla..

Krugman: “We’re already in a new great depression”
Via Digby , we find this, from The Professor’s latest trip to Euro econ meetings. The..

Massive anti-Putin protest in freezing Moscow
It took courage to join the initial anti-protests and now it takes courage to get out..

Gingrich Backer Hints He’ll Support Romney
Sheldon Adelson, “the billionaire casino executive keeping Newt Gingrich’s presidenti..

Video: ‘Jobs,’ ‘budget’ excuses can’t cloak real reason for GOP war on..
Rachel Maddow explains that as the facts and evidence eliminate the excuses state Re.

Five Moments When Luck Went the Giants’ Way
There is no denying that in a season that teetered on disaster at several points, the..

Martin: Romney’s GPS ignores the poor
In the 1,257 GOP debates we have had to sit through, poverty and the poor have rarely..