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In Honor Of Black History Month – Re-Post


This article was originally posted on February 26, 2011…

When I was in elementary school, there was Negro History Week.  By 1976 Negro History Week was expanded to  Black History Month.

Today I ran across a picture that says it all for the Black Community, whether one is far left, moderate or politically left of center, the above photo is for you!

6 thoughts on “In Honor Of Black History Month – Re-Post

  1. Thank you as an African American this photo filled me with hope an pride…somewhere out in the world three more men or women may in reality sit together to do something noble and glorious for all men without an eye to what they can obtain but because it is morally, politically and ethically right despite the risk to himself!
    When President Obama took the step to run he had to be aware that many people would not want to see the change that HE represented, and at great peril to himself, and his wife and children he choose to do the right thing for the nation. How so many people can not see the courage and yes the risk that he undertook for a nation he loves is confounding.
    So again I thank you for the post of this photo and I took the liberty of reblogging it.


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