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Power Couples

Love, etc.: Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby born in NYC

Well that’s nice.  I really Like Jay-z and Beyonce,  but what their security did to a man who’s wife had premature twins was ugly!

The Washington Post – Reliable Source

Born: A daughter to Beyoncé, 30, and Jay-Z, 42, in NYC Saturday night, according to reports by E! and the singer’s hometown Houston Chronicle.

The first child for hip-hop’s royal couple, who wed in April 2008, has been the most anticipated and rumor-generating celebaby of the year (unless Kate Middleton steps up to the plate).

Reports that they named her Blue Ivy Carter got a measure of confirmation Sunday by a tweet from the couple’s pal Gwyneth Paltrow — though, who knows, maybe she just picked that up from E!

The New York Daily News reported that the couple rented out an entire floor of a wing of Lenox Hill Hospital, had the security cameras taped over to prevent photos from getting out, and posted guards out front.