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Rolling Stone: The 1% Are NOT Citizens Of The United States

As   points out over at Addicting Info:

The 1% doesn’t pledge allegiance to any flag. Not even the ones they own.

Rolling Stone – Matt Taibbi

It seems America’s bankers are tired of all the abuse. They’ve decided to speak out.

True, they’re doing it from behind the ropeline, in front of friendly crowds at industry conferences and country clubs, meaning they don’t have to look the rest of America in the eye when they call us all imbeciles and complain that they shouldn’t have to apologize for being so successful.

But while they haven’t yet deigned to talk to protesting America face to face, they are willing to scribble out some complaints on notes and send them downstairs on silver trays. Courtesy of a remarkable story by Max Abelson at Bloomberg, we now get to hear some of those choice comments.

Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus, for instance, is not worried about OWS:

“Who gives a crap about some imbecile?” Marcus said. “Are you kidding me?”

Former New York gurbernatorial candidate Tom Golisano, the billionaire owner of the billing firm Paychex, offered his wisdom while his half-his-age tennis champion girlfriend hung on his arm:

“If I hear a politician use the term ‘paying your fair share’ one more time, I’m going to vomit,” said Golisano, who turned 70 last month, celebrating the birthday with girlfriend Monica Seles, the former tennis star who won nine Grand Slam singles titles.

Then there’s Leon Cooperman, the former chief of Goldman Sachs’s money-management unit, who said he was urged to speak out by his fellow golfers. His message was a version of Wall Street’s increasingly popular If-you-people-want-a-job, then-you’ll-shut-the-fuck-up rhetorical line:

Cooperman, 68, said in an interview that he can’t walk through the dining room of St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida, without being thanked for speaking up. At least four people expressed their gratitude on Dec. 5 while he was eating an egg-white omelet, he said.

“You’ll get more out of me,” the billionaire said, “if you treat me with respect.”

Finally, there is this from Blackstone CEO Steven Schwartzman:

Asked if he were willing to pay more taxes in a Nov. 30 interview with Bloomberg Television, Blackstone Group LP CEO Stephen Schwarzman spoke about lower-income U.S. families who pay no income tax.

“You have to have skin in the game,” said Schwarzman, 64. “I’m not saying how much people should do. But we should all be part of the system.”

There are obviously a great many things that one could say about this remarkable collection of quotes. One could even, if one wanted, simply savor them alone, without commentary, like lumps of fresh caviar, or raw oysters.

But out of Abelson’s collection of doleful woe-is-us complaints from the offended rich, the one that deserves the most attention is Schwarzman’s line about lower-income folks lacking “skin in the game.” This incredible statement gets right to the heart of why these people suck.

Why? It’s not because Schwarzman is factually wrong about lower-income people having no “skin in the game,” ignoring the fact that everyone pays sales taxes, and most everyone pays payroll taxes, and of course there are property taxes for even the lowliest subprime mortgage holders, and so on.

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GOP Agenda

Republican Gift To President Obama? A Positive Approval Rating

The harder the GOP tries to make President Obama a one-term President, the harder they seem to fail.  Of course it’s still too early to make a solid judgment about the Right’s agenda concerning President Obama, but the early indications are looking good for the POTUS…

Addicting Info

Possibly because of the Tea Party led payroll tax cut debacle, or perhaps because of weak performances in the Republican field, President Obama’s approval numbers are in the black for the first time since July. According to a Gallup poll just released, 47% approve of the job the President is doing and 45% disapprove.

Despite Republican and progressive talking points that Obama is losing his base, his approval is highest among 18-29 year olds, at 52%. He maintains the support of 80% of Democrats, 73% of liberals, 88% of African-Americans, and 60% of Hispanics.

Iraq Veterans · President & Mrs. Obama

Cooper Wall Wagner, 8-Month-Old Baby, Sticks Fingers In Obama’s Mouth (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post

President Obama received an adorable surprise on Christmas day while visiting service members and their families at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

As the Associated Press and CBS News both report,the President was posing for a photo with Capt. Greg Wagner, Meredith Wagner, and their eight-month-old son Cooper Wall Wagner when the little guy stuck his fingers in Obama’s mouth.

The commander-in-chief smiled and took the moment in stride. He joked that the baby “saw that big nose and he’s like, you know, ‘I want some of that nose, I want some of that nose.'”

Video of the baby’s brief encounter with Obama can be viewed below.

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Voter Suppression · Voting Rights Act of 1965

93-Year-Old Tennessee Woman Who Cleaned State Capitol For 30 Years Denied Voter ID

Voter suppression is alive and well in 2012.

I’m happy to know that the Department of Justice is looking into the South Carolina voter suppression issue, but I honestly believe all the states that implemented those laws should be investigated as well.

Think Progress

A 93-year-old Tennessee woman who cleaned the state Capitol for 30 years, including the governor’s office, says she won’t be able to vote for the first time in decades after being told this week that herold state ID failed to meet new voter ID regulations.

Thelma Mitchell was even accused of being an undocumented immigrant because she couldn’t produce a birth certificate:

Mitchell, who was delivered by a midwife in Alabama in 1918, has never had a birth certificate. But when she told that to a drivers’ license clerk, he suggested she might be an illegal immigrant.

Thelma Mitchell told WSMV-TV that she went to a state drivers’ license center last week after being told that her old state ID from her cleaning job would not meet new regulations for voter identification.

A spokesman for the House Republican Caucus insisted that Mitchell was given bad information and should’ve been allowed to vote, even with an expired state ID. But even if that’s the case, her ordeal illustrates the inevitable disenfranchisements that result when confusing voting laws enable state officials to apply the law inconsistently.

The incident is the just latest in a series of reports of senior citizens being denied their constitutional right to vote under restrictive new voter ID laws pushed by Republican governors and legislatures. These laws are a transparent attempt to target Democrat constituencies who are less likely to have photo ID’s, and disproportionately affect seniors, college students, the poor and minorities.

As ThinkProgress reported, one 96-year-old Tennessee woman was denied a voter ID because she didn’t have her marriage license. Another senior citizen in Tennessee, 91-year-old Virginia Lasater, couldn’t get the ID she needed to vote because she wasn’t able to stand in a long line at the DMV. A Tennessee agency even told a 86-year-old World War II veteran that he had to pay an unconstitutional poll tax if he wanted to obtain an ID.


Rick Perry’s Taxpayer-Funded Security Costs Rise

So, when is someone in Texas Governor Rick Perry’s camp going to be honest and tell him it’s time to pack it in and go home?

The Huffington Post

The Texas Tribune:

Aside from President Obama, Perry — the only sitting governor in the 2012 race — has the largest security contingent, and apparently the only one on the Republican side financed by taxpayers.

Read the whole story: The Texas Tribune