Fox Pundit Suggests Obama Looks Like ‘Skinny, Ghetto Crackhead’


This is so sad.  To hate a person so much that one would stoop to the level of those people on Fox News is just sad…

The Huffington Post

A Fox News guest said that some people might want to describe President Obama  as a “skinny, ghetto crackhead” Thursday night.

The Conservative Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell appeared on Fox News and was interviewed by guest host Mark Steyn. Steyn replayed a March 2011 clip from Chris Matthews’ MSNBC show, when Matthews described Newt Gingrich as looking “like a car bomber” who “loves torturing.”

Steyn and Bozell both responded to the clip. Steyn said that he wasn’t much of a “Newt fan,” but thought the GOP candidate looked more like a “cuddly…Winnie the Pooh.”

Bozell said, “How long do you think Sean Hannity’s show would last if four times in one sentence, he made a comment about, say, the President of the United States, and said that he looked like a skinny, ghetto crackhead? Which, by the way, you might want to say that Barack Obama does.” Bozell then criticized Matthews’ ratings, and said only about “45 people were watching him.”

This probably isn’t the best example of the Fox News “course correction” that CEO Roger Ailes has described.

Ohio Landlord Refuses To Apologize For Posting ‘Whites Only’ Pool Sign Because It’s ‘Historical’

This is what The Fifth Column is all about, sorting out the crazies…

Think Progress – Justice

In September the Ohio Civil Rights Commission ruled that a white landlord, Jamie Hein, had violated the state’s Civil Rights Act by posting a sign by the pool of her duplex that read “Public Swimming Pool, White Only.”

A black tenant filed a discrimination complaint with the commission after Hein accused his teenage daughter of using chemicals in her hair that made the water “cloudy.” Days later, she posted the sign on the gate to the pool.

Hein has so far been unapologetic, and is asking the commission to reconsider their ruling. “If I have to stick up for my white rights, I have to stick up for my white rights,” she said. She recently defended her actions to ABC News, giving the curious excuse that the sign was merely “historical”:

An Ohio landlord accused of discriminating against an African-American girl with a “white only” sign at her swimming pool told that the sign was an antique and a decoration.

“I’m not a bad person,” said Jamie Hein of Cincinnati. “I don’t have any problem with race at all. It’s a historical sign.”

The sign in question reads, “Public Swimming Pool, White Only.” It is dated 1931 and from Alabama.

Hein, 31, was unapologetic about the racist origins of the sign that she displayed at the entrance to her pool. She said she collects antiques and was given the sign as a gift. She also said that even though the sign seems to indicate that the pool is public, the pool is on her private property and “everybody has to ask before getting in my pool.”

Landlords and business owners are subject to the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and Fair Housing Act, which prohibits them from discriminating against customers and tenants on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, handicap, familial status or national origin.

Donald Trump: I’m Good Enough, Smart Enough And Doggonit, Black People Like Me! (VIDEO)

Donald Trump
Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

The “Donald” has made yet another faux pas while setting out his credentials to run on an Independent ticket in the upcoming Presidential General Election of 2012.

I won’t even go into the chaos that would ensue, causing the GOP chosen candidate to lose votes to Trump or any other Independent  candidate, while Obama sales along to  a virtual uncontested second term.  In essence, a third party candidate will surely lose the Presidency for the GOP.

Addicting Info

I’ll let you in on a secret…I love Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a cartoon villain. Like any cartoon villain, Trump is full of bluster and bravado, but underneath is a very insecure man. My guess is that 20 some odd years ago, he stumbled across a Saturday Night Live character called, Stuart Smalley. Something about Stuart (including, apparently, the hair) resonated with Trump. Unlike Stuart, however, Trump had the money to pay people to do his affirmations for him. Eventually, he hosted a reality show based on people doing his Stuart Smalley affirmations…Mr. Trump, You’re the best. You’re the smartest and doggonnit, people like you!

It wasn’t long before his quarter-hourly affirmations began to make an impact. When Stuart Smalley became a Senator, Trump thought he would take a slightly different route and pretend to run for President. The difference, of course, is that Al Franken knew that Stuart Smalley was a fictional character, whereas, Donald Trump has no idea that he’s a fictional character.

Since then, the American public has been inundated with a constant barrage of Stuart Smalley meets Muhammed Ali, “I’m the greatest! I’m the smartest, and doggonit, everybody in the world LOVES me!!! Oh, and Obama is arrogant, he’s hiding something and he hates black people.”

I guess I missed the part where projection is part of Stuart Smalley’s daily affirmations.

In an interview with the always “fair and balanced” Greta Van Susteren, Trump once again teased the Fox audience with hinting at a run for President. He said that Obama had turned the country into a laughing stock throughout the world (sorry, no. That was George Bush). He repeated the latest Republican talking point that Obama claimed he is the fourth best president (Obama didn’t say that), by retorting that he is the worst or close to it (he said that about Bush too).

Trump called Obama delusional then claimed that in a matchup between Romney, Obama and Trump, he (Trump) came in first. He actually came in a distant third at 19%, behind Obama’s 45% and Romney’s 31%.

Trump then mentioned a third party run. When Van Susteren asked whether that would hand the victory to Obama, Trump said,

“I think in my case, I’d take a lot of votes from Obama.”

Van Susteren questioned what portion of the vote Trump would take. He answered, “Well, I think I’d get a great cross-section. I think I’d get Hispanic votes, frankly. I think and people smile when I say it, I think I’d do great with the African American vote. I think I’d do great with that. Now, I’m not gonna beat him with that vote but I would get a large number of African Americans. I really believe that.”

I guess calling African Americans racist for voting for Obama is the surest way to win their votes.

How The Republicans Stole Christmas, Again


Across America, it’s the Christmas season, and the Republican Party has lost all reason.

Democrats are fighting hard for one and all, while Republicans sit on their hands, hoping America and Obama will fall.

They claim family values and while that is great, how come they aren’t helping families who are part of the unemployment rate?

A man who lost his job and home not too long ago, now has to beg for money or sleep in the snow.

“When will Republicans create jobs?” he asks, meanwhile Republicans bitterly complain about the task.

“It’s not paid for,” “They’re lazy,” they say, while families are going hungry day after day.

The Republicans had a chance to give the middle class a payroll tax holiday. Instead they slammed down the gavel and walked away.

Republicans give Wall Street absolute immunity, all while they persecute the LGBT community. “It’s evil,” Republicans say, “According to OUR Bible, it’s a sin to be gay.”

The Democrats fire back, “You and your Bibles are wrong,” God wants every human being to dance to their own song. It doesn’t matter who people call their husbands and wives, what’s important is that we stay out of their personal lives.

Then there’s immigrants, wonderful additions to this nation, not to Republicans, they think they’re an abomination.

Democrats want compassion for those who are here. Not Republicans, they want immigrants to live in fear.

Let’s keep families together liberals remark, why does the party of family values want to tear families apart?

It’s just a hard issue Republicans insist. We can’t help it if we’re a little racist.

But Christmas is coming the Democrats say, you can’t treat families this way, not on this special day.

Republicans reply, “We don’t care about their sort, we only care about getting back to our resorts.”

What about the troops then? They’re far from home, the least you could do is throw them a bone.

We don’t care, the Republicans say. All we care about is OUR Christmas Day.

But what about the American people and the children who suffer? “We don’t care about that,” say Republicans, “we want our stocking stuffers.”

But you have families too, shouldn’t you understand? “We could care, but we have our heads in the sand.”

Well then, let’s at least save the jobs of our teachers, firemen, and police with a bill. Surely we can take care of that while we are still on the Hill?

But the ungrateful Republicans, they want their way, “who cares if fire fighters, teachers, and police lose their jobs today.”

But teachers educate our children and first responders save Americans despite the risk of dying. “Who cares,” says Republicans, while they fake crying.

Frustrated but not defeated, Democrats ask about the poor that have been mistreated.

“What about them,” the Republicans demand. “We suppose you want us to help give them a hand.”

Yes, the Democrats reply. Republicans are denying them help and we want to know why.

It costs money came the Republican reaction, letting those people die is the only path to fiscal satisfaction.

Are you that heartless, Democrats reply. These people are hanging by a sliver, yet you are willing to sell them down the river?

“Absolutely!” Republicans cried. Who the hell cares if these poor people die. If they wish to survive, they must raise the money to save their own lives.

“Food, clothing, shelter, and medicine are not cheap,” the Democrats decreed. Those people could be dead by the time they can get what they need. Americans have an obligation, to take care of each other within this great nation.

The Republicans complain, “Its time for vacation.” “Not for us,” say Democrats, we have a different vocation. We want to work, not obstruct, we don’t want the country to self-destruct.

Republicans reply, but we need obstruction, how else can we cause Obama’s destruction?

He’s a socialist, a foreigner, he gives America a rash, besides, the wealthy pay us under the table in cash.

But we work for the people, the Democrats say, how in the hell can you treat them this way?

It’s easy the Republicans say, when the wealthy pay us to get their way. You should join us and get your money too, OUR America doesn’t care about the people, why should you?

That’s easy, Democrats reply. We have hearts, that’s why. We don’t give a damn about you or the rich. We care more about getting our nation out of the ditch.

“Why do you hate people?” Democrats ask of the Right. To which the Republicans reply, we don’t hate people, just those that aren’t white.

But Hispanics, Muslims and blacks are people too, why do you hate them, is it because they don’t look like you?

“Yes,” the Republicans honestly say. Whites are the superior race and we like it that way. Hispanics invade our nation at the border and that interferes with our New World Order.

Appalled, the Democrats decree, Hispanics can come here because this nation is free.

Republicans ask, “But what about Muslims?” It’s terror they spread. We won’t stop fighting till they are all dead.

Horrified, the Democrats recoil, you guys want them dead because you want their oil.

And black people, they are all knaves, we Republicans believe they should all still be slaves.

In disgust, the Democrats step back, “we don’t hate people because they are black.” All human beings deserve to be free, “why can’t you Republicans just leave them be?”

“They are all inferior human beings,” the Republicans state, we are TRUE Americans, therefore we have the right to hate.

Democrats then stand proud and declare, the Founders created this nation for free people everywhere.

America is the land of equality and they are just as equal as you and me.

The night continued on and amidst their procrastination, Republicans suddenly had an idea, let’s end public education.

Democrats said “Absolutely not.” Why would you want the brains of our children to rot?

“Because they are taught wrong,” Republicans reply, we won’t let teachers fill their heads with lies. We hate education because people who have it make us lose, so we now want all people to get their knowledge from Fox News. We love Bill O’Reilly, he is on every night, brain washing the viewers with what we believe is right.

Democrats protest, education makes us strong. What you want to do is just plain wrong. We must learn our history and science too. Manipulating people is what you want to do.

All Americans deserve to learn. “Who cares,” says Republicans, “it’s the books that we should burn.”

“Why should we burn the books?”, Democrats ask. They help the children complete their task.

“We don’t care,” Republicans state, we must teach our children only to hate.

You mean you want children to only vote for you? “That’s right,” say Republicans, “and for them to do what we tell them to.”

“But what about the truth?” the Democrats blurt, don’t you care about those you will hurt?

The Republicans reply that they don’t care, as long as they can purge liberals from America’s hair.

Democrats may fight for people in need and for people’s health, but we only care about those of great wealth.

Why not defend workers, the Democrats ask. The Republicans answer, they get paid too much to complete their task.

The wealthy want us to make them work cheap, and turn them into nothing but mindless sheep.

The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer, and you Democrats will not be able to stop that horror.

Then the Democrats challenged the Republican minds. We thought, as Christians, you were supposed to be kind? Jesus helped the poor, he helped the sick, so why do you guys act like pricks?

If you truly follow what Jesus and his disciples teach, then it only follows that you should practice what you preach.

You Republicans should think long and hard, because it’s clear you’ve been over playing your cards.

Christmas, after all is a time for giving, not for making it hard for people to make a living.

We should have peace on Earth and make people well, because after all you’ve done it’s likely God could send you all straight to hell.

Your party has been so wrong and terrible, how could you have missed the fact that Jesus was actually a liberal?

So could it be, that Republicans began practicing the true meaning of Christianity?

Did they work with Democrats the rest of the year, passing all the bills that have been so dear?

Did they change their ways and show kindness to every race and every person both big and small, working hard to prove that they had hearts after all?

“NO!” the American people shout. It’s time to put Democrats back in and vote heartless Republicans out.

We know all about your support of the wealthy against the poor, and we’re here to vote because we aren’t going to take your sh*t anymore.

This country was once proud and great, until you Republicans came along and made us third-rate. We will no longer tolerate your dictatorial reign. It’s time to replace you with people who have compassion and brains.

Democrats will right the ship, they’ll get things done, and next year’s Christmas will be great for everyone.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!