Rep. Joe Walsh

Rep. Joe Walsh: Veterans at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests are anti-American

The Raw Story

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) on Saturday blasted the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and suggested it was a ploy to help re-elect Barack Obama in 2012.

“I generally think this whole Occupy Wall Street stuff is a well orchestrated, well-funded far left effort to disrupt the American people and rile up Obama’s left base,” he said at a town hall meeting in Gurnee. “I think these are generally spoiled, pampered, unfocused, clueless young people and a smattering of other people who don’t understand this country and are advocating anti-American solutions.”

“They don’t at all represent America and I think that the president and the White House and the Democrats kind of want to encourage it and now they’re scared because these folks are doing some pretty ugly things and now our Democratic politicians are conflicted,” he continued. “But its an anti-American, well funded left wing effort that may disrupt a lot of things next year, but they are clueless when it comes to what this country is all about and the rest of the country ought to educate them.”

Walsh, a tea party favorite in Congress, added that even veterans at “Occupy Wall Street” protests around the country were anti-American because they advocated “socialist solutions.”

When questioned about what the protest was actually about, Walsh said it was based on a 14-point manifesto.

He appeared to be making reference to aproposed list of demands posted on the forum of the “Occupy Wall Street” website. Some people have reported that the demands represented the protesters views, but the only document to have been officially endorsed by the group is the “Declaration of the Occupation.”

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below:

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