Key medical equipment, laptops among items destroyed in ‘Occupy Wall St’ police raid

I may be wrong, but logic dictates if the #OWS folks were not told in advance that they had to evacuate the park prior to the police action, then Mayor Bloomberg might be looking at a potential lawsuit pertaining to loss of valuable property…

The Raw Story

Most of the attention in the New York City police’s raid on “Occupy Wall Street” early Tuesday morning centered on the removal of tents and sleeping bags. But protesters indicate that many other valuable items, including important medical equipment and laptops, were either unrecoverable or damaged beyond repair.

“Everything, everything we had: gone,” said Chris Carter, a New Jersey native and firefighter who has been part of the “Occupy” medical staff since the second day of the protests. “All the medications we had: Tylenol, cough machine, two AED Defibrillators units, vitamins, an asthma inhaler. Nothing left.”

Carter pointed out that the medical staff lost more than $4,000 of equipment during the raid, raising a level of frustration in his voice where they likely will have to contact hospitals to handle simple tasks.

“Unfortunately if something happens, EMS is probably going to have to come out a lot more often than they did,” he said. “We are all certified at some level at some point, we have doctors, firefighters, EMTs, no one on the medical staff isn’t certified at something or another. But unfortunately, we don’t have the necessary stuff to do that. This could create more of a hassle for them because they’re going to have to come out for the stupidest little shit.”

Mayor Mike Bloomberg stated in his press conference after the crackdown that protesters could retrieve their possessions in midtown Manhattan. But some first- hand accounts from the protesters who tried to find their items, including the Occupy Wall Street Library members searching for their books, were unable to find their belongings or, if they did, found them in ill-repair

New York University law student Dee Armstrong observed how the sanitation department and police were aggressively dealing with all items, not just sleeping equipment.

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