Time For Herman Cain To Say Good-bye

I agree Mario Piperni…

Mario Piperni

Pathetic but not surprising is how I would describe Herman Cain’s latest ‘oops’ moment. So blatantly ignorant was Cain’s inability to respond directly to a question on Libya – as current a major event as is out there – that if this doesn’t end his presidential run, I’m not sure what will.

Conservative media is turning against him (“Cain makes Rick Perry look like a Mensa president“), while diehard fans point fingers at the usual bogeymen and in the process prove once more that stupid is never pretty.

…this is more to do with the media, technology and media bias, than Cain’s lack of knowledge.

Today, almost everything is done under the eagle eye of camera and sound. When the MSM does the interviews, the MSM decides what the public will see or hear or read.

Cain’s error was in not knowing his limits, when to say yes to interviews and when to cancel and rest up. Two weeks of intense attacks and responses certainly would have put him off his game.

Fewer of those biased eagle eyes trained on Cain and the man would be doing great.

The man with “a lot of stuff twirling around in his head” is a moron.  End of story.  The Tea Party’s attempt to prove they’re not a racist bunch was slightly amusing and fun to watch for a while.  Unfortunately for them, they chose an idiot and a creep who practices sexual harassment on women in his employ, to play the role of Black Republican.  Failed.  Time to move on.

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Author: kstreet607

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