Who’s Paying for the GOP’s Plan to Hijack the 2012 Election?

I’m appalled but not surprised at the lack of coverage on this issue from the Mainstream Media…

Mother Jones

Someone is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to rig the rules of the presidential election against Obama. But the source of the money is a mystery.

Over the past six months, someone—or a group of someones—has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund an effort to change the rules of the 2012 presidential election tomake it very difficult for President Barack Obama to win reelection. But the shadowy lobbying group mounting this campaign hasn’t disclosed its donors—and under current law, it doesn’t have to.

In two states, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, GOP legislators have introduced bills that would change how electoral votes—a candidate needs 270 of the 538 to win the presidency—are awarded in a presidential election. Under the current system, the winner of the statewide popular vote receives all of the electoral votes from that state.

If the Republican plan becomes law in either Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, those states would change how electoral votes are awarded. The new plan would allot electoral votes on the basis of vote totals within congressional districts. If a candidate wins a congressional district, he or she would receive one electoral college vote. Whoever does best in the statewide race would receive two electoral votes.

Because Republicans will draw the boundaries of the congressional districts in both states, the new rules would mean that Obama could win the states but still receive fewer electoral votesthan his Republican opponent. Should a Republican split the states’ electoral votes with Obama (even if Obama draws more votes), that could provide the GOPer with the margin of victory in a close race. (Under the US Constitution, it is up to the states to allot electoral votes as they see fit.)

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Herman Cain · Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow: Herman Cain, the practical joke no one is getting

The Rachel Maddow Show

Has Rachel Maddow broken the Herman Cain code?  Is his ‘campaign all an act?  Last night, I sat amazed at Rachel Maddow’s analysis of the Herman Cain campaign and how much of it was just plain folly…

West Wing Week

West Wing Week 11/04/11 or “Let’s Get Moving”

The White House Blog

This week, the President urged Congress to pass the infrastructure component of the American Jobs Act and continued to take executive action to strengthen the economy and put folks back to work. The President also celebrated Diwali and hosted Halloween, spoke at the Italian American Heritage Gala, signed two Executive Orders, welcomed NASA Astronauts in the Oval Office, and interviewed with local news stations from across the country.

Politico's Top Political Quotes

Politico’s: The Week In One-Liners


The week’s top quotes in politics …

“Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?” — Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain repeating a POLITICO reporter’s question.

“No. I was just giving a speech.” — GOP White House hopeful Rick Perrydenying that he was on pain meds while speaking in New Hampshire last week.

“Mitt Romney is the luckiest motherfudger on Earth.” — Comedian Jon Stewart’s commentary on the state of the 2012 race.

“I’ve been as consistent as human beings can be.” — GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney defending his political record.

“I’m the wrong gender.” — Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on why Herman Cain hasn’t called to ask her for a meeting.

“It’s not often I’m asked about some random person in America.” — House Speaker John Boehner responding to a question about Grover Norquist.

“Quite extraordinary, weird and a bit creepy.” — Former Secretary of StateCondoleezza Rice telling CNN’s Piers Morgan about Muammar Qadhafi’s crush on her.

“Well, I believe the phrase from the Bible is, ‘The Lord helps those who help themselves.’” — White House press secretary Jay Carney referring to a saying that actually is not in the Bible.

U.S. Politics

RIP Andy Rooney

The Huffington Post

Andy Rooney so dreaded the day he had to end his signature “60 Minutes” commentaries about life’s large and small absurdities that he kept going until he was 92 years old.

Even then, he said he wasn’t retiring. Writers never retire. But his life after the end of “A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney” was short: He died Friday night, according to CBS, only a month after delivering his 1,097th and final televised commentary.

Rooney had gone to the hospital for an undisclosed surgery, but major complications developed and he never recovered.

“Andy always said he wanted to work until the day he died, and he managed to do it, save the last few weeks in the hospital,” said his “60 Minutes” colleague, correspondent Steve Kroft.

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Microsoft Funds Koch’s Climate denying Tea Party Conference

I’m not certain that Bill Gates gave his personal okay on this…

Think Progress

Microsoft Corporation, which argues that climate pollution requires a “comprehensive and global response,” is sponsoring the Koch brothers’ Tea Party convention taking place in Washington, DC. Microsoft is a “gold sponsor” of the Americans For Prosperity Foundation’s fifth annual Defending The American Dream Summit, cheek and jowl with top climate denial front groups like the Heartland Institute, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Speakers at the conference include climate deniers Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), Ken Cuccinelli, Ann McElhinney, Chris Horner, Myron Ebell, and Carly Fiorina. Their prominent involvement was captured in a photograph by Slate.com reporter Dave Wiegel.

Koch Brothers · Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani mocks those hit by recession during his Koch Bros summit speech

Rudy Giuliani is such a jerk…

Democratic Underground

Rudy cozying up to the Koch Bros. cocktail crowd at the Americans for Prosperity summit and offering his blame-the-poor version of advice,’ by telling a generation of underpaid workers saddled with student loan debt that they need to work on their education more and find an eight-hour a day job.

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U.S. Politics

Things Congress passed this week that had nothing to do with jobs

It’s absurd the way Congressional leaders think that all Americans are idiots.

They’ve rejected the POTUS’ jobs bill in whole and in parts, yet they do this:

The Raw Story

The House passed:

The Senate passed:

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