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Karl Rove to Herman Cain: True or false?

Usually, there is nothing that I agree with Karl Rove on…except in this instance…


Karl Rove said Monday that Herman Cain has failed to properly respond to the POLITICO report that at least two women accused him of inappropriate behavior, saying he needs to say “yes or no.”

“He’s not denying but he ain’t responding and that’s not the best place to be,” Rove said on Fox News. “If these allegations are not true, say they aren’t true and put it behind you. If not, better get everything out sooner rather than later because in a situation like this, if there is something there, that something’s going to come out.”

Asked whether he considered the Cain campaign’s response to the allegations as sufficient, the former George W. Bush strategist answered “no,” criticizing the decision to evade questions about whether there were ever any financial settlements with the women.

“I think Geraldo had it right last night — you simply can’t say go talk to the National Restaurant Association and refuse to answer the question, ‘Were there any monetary settlements involved in these things,’” Rove said, referring to Fox News host Geraldo Rivera’s phone interview with Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon Sunday night hours after the report was first published, in which Rivera repeatedly asked whether there had been any cash settlements.

Rove added, “You can’t simply say go ask, go talk to somebody else. You either need to say yes or no. And if no, say no immediately. Say absolutely or not and get on with it. But if you’re sitting there saying go talk to somebody else, it’s not going to help you.”

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3 thoughts on “Karl Rove to Herman Cain: True or false?

    1. Don I understand where you’re coming from. In my opinion both Cain and Rove are unlikable people. Rove being the more unlikable of the two. However, I simply can’t stomach Cain and his ineptitude. Cain is in the news everyday and his ignorance on things that matter for a presidential candidate is astounding!


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