Cain would autograph life amendment

They say that Obama is ineffective and a poor leader, but I say conservatives play a mean game of projection.

Politico – Ben Smith

Herman Cain tried to clean up the running confusion over his position on abortion last night, but in the meantime opened questions about his grasp of the Constitution.

In an interview with David Brody last night, Cain said he’d sign a pro-life constitutional amendment if it crossed his desk as president.

“Yes. Yes I feel that strongly about it. If we can get the necessary support and it comes to my desk I’ll sign it,” he said. “That’s all I can do. I will sign it.”

The only problem with that statement? Presidents don’t sign constitutional amendments — they’re passed in Congress and then need to be ratified by the states, and the president plays no formal role in the process.

Candidates have in the past pledged to support such an amendment, but it’s not clear what signing one would mean.

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Author: kstreet607

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3 thoughts on “Cain would autograph life amendment”

  1. What’s wrong with conservatives? Wow … I think that that’s going to be a very long list.

    For starters, the anti-intellectualism leads to the celebration of the stupid.


  2. Remember when we thought Sarah Palin was the dumbest Presidential candidate we’d ever see?

    Who woulda thought that they came even dumber than Palin?

    My favorite Bachmann “stupid moment” was at the last debate when she said:

    “Obama has a war going on in Libya and now in Africa too”. Doh! She didn’t even know that Libya IS in Africa.

    Cain is even worse with his “Ubeke beke beke stan” comment. Ewwww! What is wrong with conservatives?


  3. Remember when we thought Sarah Palin was the dumbest Presidential candidate we’d ever see?

    Back in the pre-Cain, pre-Bachmann era, that was … sigh …


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