‘Minutemen’ raising money to re-re-investigate Obama’s birth certificate

It's still right here. That'll be $500, please.

Oh give me a break!

Daily Kos

And so it begins. Or continues. Or … hmm. Embiggens? The Minutemen, last seen patrolling the border with beer, lawn chairs and whatever Second Amendment-granted firearms they could put their hands on, are now raising money for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s latest patriotic snipe hunt:

Minuteman PAC, the political arm of the Minuteman Movement, sent out an email Friday asking for supporters to donate to help Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s quest for the truth about President Obama’s birth certificate.”Fellow Patriot — It looks like we’re finally going to get the full-fledged investigation into Obama’s eligibility to be president that Congress has FAILED to deliver,” the e-mail says.

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! As we muttered something about earlier, the “posse” will supposedly be funded entirely through donations, which at minimum I suppose means five people will be getting a free trip to Hawaii to do some very, very important beachside research.

Let me be clear: I am wholeheartedly behind this effort. One hundred percent. Hell, since we’re talking about conservatives, one hundred and eleventy-two percent: Let’s not let mere mathget in our way. The more money America’s racists and conspiracy theorists give to Sheriff Joe’s “posse,” the less money they will have for other political efforts. Or to buy ammo. Or to buy beer and lawn chairs, for that matter. I can see it now, a multibillion dollar industry centered around sending conservatives to Hawaii to look at papers and stuff.

And why stop there? President Obama, because of public conspiracy theories you asked the State of Hawaii to do the unprecedented, and show the world your birth certificate: Now I’m calling on you to take it to the next step, and charge people money to see it. Five hundred dollars per person per gander, with all proceeds going to the federal government. I’m not saying we’ll balance the budget on that alone, but clearly there is a great untapped market of conservative conspiracy-mongering racists and race-baiters who like looking at paperwork, and that’s money we’re currently leaving on the table. It seems our duty to take their cash.

For now, however, those people will have to give their money to a five-person team led by Sheriff Joe.

Ah well. Maybe it will at least keep them busy.

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