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Fox Idiocy (apologies for the redundancy)


The following quote from Left of Center accurately reflect my feelings about the willful ignorance of Fox News viewers and Limbaugh listeners…

Left of Center:

I do not understand the American right wing. I don’t understand how people who make less than $100,000 vote for policies that benefit millionaires, and I don’t know why people who are on their third marriage constantly prattle about family values.

Much of the commentary coming from the right wing is baffling because it is glaringly inaccurate. Some would say it is blatant lies. Liberal media watchdog group Media Matters is constantly kept busy fact checking and stating the errors from the right-wing noise machine.

In many cases, it is obvious that the commentary is incorrect, so I must conclude that this is done deliberately. Right-wing commentators must know they are talking nonsense, but they continue to say it because they need the great unwashed masses to believe, and act on it.

Mario Piperni

Politico ran a story a couple of days ago entitled, “Bill Clinton scorches GOP field on climate change“.  Basically, Clinton took global warming deniers to task for leading the charge in questioning the science behind global warming.  He also targeted the current crop of nominees in the GOP primary.  All of them are deniers with the exception of Huntsman and possibly Romney.  The flip-flop man is not quite sure where he stands on the issue.

Anyway, here is the takeaway line from Clinton’s speech.

“I mean, it makes us — we [the US] look like a joke, right? You can’t win the nomination of one of the major parties in the country if you admit that the scientists are right? That disqualifies you from doing it?”

Well Fox wasn’t too happy with anyone criticizing their beloved Republican candidates so Fox Nation ran the Politico story with a minor modification to the headline.

Too funny and dumb.  It’s stuff like this that makes ardent Fox viewers the biggest group of ignorant, misinformed cretins in America.

Rep. Joe Walsh

Rep. Joe Walsh: Media Will Protect Obama In 2012 Because He Is Black

Joe Walsh is such an asshole…

Think Progress

Media hound Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) has harsh praise for the company he seeks — particularly when it comes to coverage of President Obama. He is a firm believer in the idea that the media and liberals’ collective “white guilt” rocketed an “articulate” black man to the presidency. Now, Walsh is convinced the media will go to great lengths to protect their chosen black hero.

In an interview with Walsh yesterday, the right-wing Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell insisted that the president is “playing class warfare and race warfare games” and asked Walsh why the media are “aiding and abetting” this onslaught. Walsh surmised the because the media “are so vested in our first black president not being a failure,” they will go to great lengths — including calling his detractors “racist” — to “protect him”:

BOZELL: [Y]ou see this administration playing class warfare and race warfare games. Now, that’s their problem. But what does it say about the national media that they are aiding and abetting this by not exposing the dishonesty here?

WALSH: Reagan was beautiful because Reagan simplified everything, so let’s simplify it. This guy pushed every one of the media’s buttons. He was liberal, he was different, he was new, he was black. Oh my God, it was the potpourri of everything. They are so vested in our first black president not being a failure that it’s going to be amazing to watch the lengths they go to protect him. They [the media], I believe, will spout this racist line if some of their colleagues up here aren’t doing it aggressively enough. There is going to be a real desperation.

Watch it:

Walsh has made more TV appearances than any other House freshman. Perhaps he’s just desperate to shift media focus away from his persistent refusal to pay child support for his three children. Perhaps he thinks lobbing race-based attacks at the media is the only way to do it. Regardless of his reasons, he’s liable to repeat it over and over again. “And there’s nothing racist about this,” he has said of the attack. “It is what it is.”

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New York City Police Use 150-Year-Old Law Against Wearing Masks To Arrest Wall Street Demonstrators

Where are the mainstream media reports on the Wall Street demonstrations?

Think Progress

As ThinkProgress previously reported, hundreds of demonstrators have encamped themselves in the financial district in New York City, hoping to call attention to Wall Street’s misdeeds.

Yesterday, seven protesters were arrested by the New York Police Department, despite being peaceful and not noticeably disrupting the normal activities of the city. The Wall Street Journal notes that the charges being brought against these demonstrators include “loitering and wearing [a] mask.” The Village Voice points out that the anti-mask law being used against demonstrators dates back to 1845, when farmers wore masks to conduct attacks against the police. The law was updated in 1965 to “prevent masked gathering of two or more people,” unless they are throwing masquerade parties:

The anti-mask law goes back to 1845, when tenant farmers used disguises (dressing up like Indians) to attack law enforcement officials, apparently. In 1965 the law was updated to prevent masked gatherings of two or more people, except in the case of masquerade parties. Whew.

Demonstrators took video of the arrests of some of the protesters. One of the protesters is simply wearing a plastic mask on the back of her head:

The occupation and protests on Wall Street are now entering their fifth day. Protesters are requesting on their website that people donate money for food for the demonstrators, and note that more than $9,000 has been donated so far.

The occupation and protests on Wall Street are now entering their fifth day. Protesters are requesting on their website that people donate money for food for the demonstrators, and note that more than $9,000 has been donated so far.

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GOP-Pushed Student Voter Fraud Investigation Finds Zero Voter Fraud

Republican Party (United States)
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TPM Muckraker

Remember how Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster accused over 200 students of committing voter fraud because they were paying out-of-state tuition but registered to vote in the state? Turns out none of them actually voted.

A two-month taxpayer funded investigation found that zero of the students committed voter fraud and found just one case of a non-citizen voter — and that happened all the way back in 2002, Bangor Daily News reports. Still, Secretary of State Charlie Summers is maintaining that the system is “fragile and vulnerable” and renewed his opposition to same day voter registration.

David Farmer of Protect Maine Votes called Webster’s allegations “false outrageous and, perhaps, defamatory.”

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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Plagiarized Me In UN Speech

Oh get real Limbaugh, you are not that important, outside of your brain-dead sychophant listeners.

The Huffington Post

Rush Limbaugh accused President Obama of plagiarizing him during his speech at the United Nations on Wednesday.

Obama’s speech drew attention mostly for his insistence that the Palestinian delegation drop its attempt to be recognized by the UN as a fully independent state. Limbaugh, though, focused on what he seemed to think was Obama’s overuse of some of his favorite aphorisms.

Apparently, Limbaugh wrote a 1988 column that contained his “35 Undeniable Truths of Life.” (The full list is a very vintage document.) One of them, he said, was uttered “verbatim” by Obama at the U.N.: “peace does not mean the absence of war.” (Technically, Obama said that “peace is more than just the absence of war.”)

“I feel like I have been plagiarized,” Limbaugh said. “…No, no! Of course he didn’t credit me.” He also accused Obama of cribbing from his 14th “undeniable truth,” “to free peoples, peace means the absence of threats and the presence of justice.”

Limbaugh said it was “almost like somebody in the regime read this and liked portions of it and lifted it for his speech.”

Listen (via RightVid)

Troy Davis

In memoriam: Troy Davis, Oct. 9, 1968 – Sept. 21, 2011

The inscription Equal Justice Under Law as see...
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The Raw Story

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday night refused to temporarily halt the execution of death row inmate Troy Davis, giving Georgia officials clearance to carry out his death sentence.

The court had no comment on the order, which it made about four hours after Davis’ attorneys had filed the motion. His sentence was carried out at 11 p.m., and he was dead eight minutes later.

Davis had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Georgia authorities from executing him in an eleventh-hour plea after the Georgia’s Supreme Court upheld his execution.

“The application for a certificate of probable cause to appeal is denied. The motion for stay of execution is denied,” read a unanimous ruling from Georgia’s Supreme Court, upholding a lower court’s earlier decision.

Davis, 42, was convicted of murdering Georgia police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989. Since his conviction, seven of the nine people who testified against him have recanted or changed their testimonies.

No murder weapon was ever found, no DNA evidence or fingerprints tie Davis to the crime, and some witnesses have since said the murder was committed by another man — a witness who testified against Davis.

With his death in Georgia on Wednesday night, the sad, savage story of Troy Davis appears destined to become one of the leading cases cited by the movement to abolish capital punishment in the United States and abroad.

This video was published to YouTube on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011.