Tea Party Debate Audience Cheers Idea Of Letting Sick Man Without Insurance Die (VIDEO)


These people have no soul and no compassion.  That’s why they didn’t care if the United States defaulted on their debt.  The fact is that most of the teabagger politicians are multi-millionaires and think their money would not be affected if the country defaults.


The last two Republican presidential debates have been some of the most macabre on record. Last time around, at the Reagan Library, the crowd gave the biggest applause of the night to the 234 executions that have occurred in Texas while Rick Perry was governor.

In Tampa, Florida at the CNN/Tea Party Express debate Monday night, the tea party-filled audience literally cheered aloud for the uninsured to be allowed to die.

The moment came during an exchange between moderator Wolf Blitzer and Ron Paul, whose libertarian views often make for good theater at Republican debates.

Blitzer asked if under Paul’s libertarian philosophy, a sick man without insurance should be allowed to die in the hospital rather than have the state pay his medical bills. Before Paul could answer that question, shouts of “yes!” and cheering bubbled up from the audience.


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Author: kstreet607

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10 thoughts on “Tea Party Debate Audience Cheers Idea Of Letting Sick Man Without Insurance Die (VIDEO)”

  1. Did they have to pass a “souless” test to join the Tea Party?… Are they our future?…. They respond and sound like they would make good Germans for Hitler’s army.

    Hi Judy. You’re right, remember, they worship Ayn Rand’s ideology which basically says: self interest first and last and everyone else be damned…


  2. Scary and disgraceful…the question should have been….”IF, this sick person COULD NOT AFFORD the absoultely outlandish premiums on his min wage job, does he still deserve to die in the streets like a dog”?… “Can we blame him if his “higher than every profit making” employer, feels its more important to shove that money into his pocket instead of providing a decent wage and some sort of health care coverage?

    What is extremely concerning, is the fact that the people in this audience, American People, people who apparently dont worry about medical coverage, are mob like and blood thirsty…..Did they have to pass a “souless” test to join the Tea Party?… Are they our future?…. They respond and sound like they would make good Germans for Hitler’s army.


  3. Amen!!!!! This video shows the lack of compassion and love for our brothers and sisters that are in need. The same miscreants that were voicing support for Rand’s ignorant take on Blitzer’s question would be the first in line for help from the government if they needed it. Thanks for posting this video evidence of the insanity that permeates this so-called “movement.” The lack of concern for those less fortunate in our society can only be attributed to one thing=PURE EVIL. I wish there was a way to send all of these people to a waste station in outer space for an eternity. This planet would be a better place for it. Then again, E.T. would probably send them back.


    1. Hi Barack2012…and welcome.

      Yes, I think the audience in that video lack compassion and most definitely lack a soul. However, I’d prefer them to see the error of their ways and subsequently join humankind by caring and giving.

      There were times when I also wanted to see these people carted off to an outer planet somewhere, never to be heard from again. Then, common sense and compassion prevailed and now, all I can do is hope that they will see the light.


  4. They were cheering personal responsibility. That sick man won’t be turned away. He’ll be provided medical care and then sent a bill. If he doesn’t pay, he’ll have debt collectors hounding him. If he still doesn’t pay then he gets sued. The same thing that happens with any other service you partake of and don’t pay for. Currently most Americans pay their medical bills. Our losses are way less than the cost of adding forty million to medicaid.

    Health care costs are absurd because of government involvment. You can find plenty of charts that show costs skyrocketed once medicare was passed. The funny thing, when government picks up the tab people abuse the system. When the individual is paying they seek out lower prices. They take care of their body. They invest more in healthy food and lifestyle choices….Plus, history shows the majority of 30 year olds don’t have medical emergencies. When government charges them for a service they don’t need today it’s less money they can save. Less towards a home. Less towards their retirement. Sure, one day they will need health care(assuming they live that long). Alas, we all know insurance is NOT health care.

    I too would applaud government getting out of healthcare. It would make my costs and burden plummet.


    1. Hello orofthepress and welcome. Your point is clear as is your ideology about Government’s role in our personal lives. I do have a question though:

      1) Is it just the Federal government that you want out of your lives? I notice that while most Tea Partiers decry “government” in our business, State governments are ALL in our business such as passing legislation in many states to curb a woman’s right to choose. Thus, circumventing the very Constitutional privileges that the Tea Party espouses. State governments seem to think it’s necessary to do these things, which is blatantly defying a human being’s right to privacy and right to make their own choices.


      2) During the depression in the 30’s and the lasting result it had on the “average” person (not the monied individuals) government felt one of its duties was to adhere to the “social contract” (Rousseau’s 1762 treatise on the concept) that government should have with its people. Many poor elderly people were dying prematurely due to lack of medical care. Many people who worked all their lives had no safety net to insure that once they were too old to work a program like social security would kick in to help them survive. Remember, these programs today are utilized by people who have invested years into the Social Security fund.

      3) Death and dying is not a laughing matter. Ayn Rand, who you know hated government, had to turn to the government in her final years for medical assistance and social security. In the end, Miss Rand was a hypocrite but she could never be faulted for failing to act in her own self-interest. It seems to me that’s what it’s all about with Tea Party folks. “Self interest first!


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