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Wonderful Montage Shows Nearly Every Film Appearance Of The Twin Towers

I will always share an affinity for the Twin Towers, with so many other Americans.

I’m a New Yorker and have admired those buildings since they opened in the early 70’s.

The following montage is awesome.  Kudos to Dan Meth, the video’s editor.


Unsurprisingly, we’re currently being inundated with tributes to the victims, survivors, and heros of 9/11. However a video picking up steam online this week makes a wonderfully simple and beautiful ode to two of the biggest victims of that horrible day; the Twin Towers themselves. The video edits together clips of nearly every film appearance the buildings made in their time in the sky. Seeing how directors frame their shots to perfectly capture the Towers is an amazingly effective way to remind us just how iconic they were.

The video, edited by Dan Meth, shows everything from shots of them still under construction in 1972’s The Hot Rock, to Snake Plisken landing atop one in Escape from New York, to little, lost Kevin McCallister visiting them in Home Alone 2. Meth describes his video like this:

From 1969 to 2001, the Twin Towers made countless cameos in Hollywood films. Sometimes featured prominently in the foreground, sometimes lurking in the distance. This montage celebrates the towers’ all-too-short film career with songs that capture the passing decades. Man, I miss them.

(Special thanks to Donna Grunewald for her extensive list)​chrono.html

It really is a wonderful piece. Watch it below:

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