Allen West (R-FL) Says the ‘Arab Spring’ Is Actually About Reestablishing the Caliphate

You can’t get farther right than this idiot…

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Extreme right-wing Florida Congressman Allen West, who recently declined to run for United States senate, said in his weekly address that the Arab Spring of democratization in the Middle East and surrounding areas is really about Muslims trying to re-establish the historical caliphate:

This so-called “Arab Spring” is less about a democratic movement, than it is about the early phase of the restoration of an Islamic Caliphate, the last being the Ottoman Empire.

We are witnessing secular Muslim leaders being deposed in very volatile and unstable nations. This growing Islamic Totalitarianism manifested in militant Islam has had a modus operand [sic] of capitalizing on unstable political situations (Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia).

Now we see these same types of instances occurring in Egypt, Libya, and Syria and the rose-colored glasses of some seek to portray this as a great awakening of liberty. History does not support this in the Middle East.

We must evaluate these occurrences through the prism of keen strategic and operational insight which looks out 10, 20, or 30 years.

If we had done so during the deposing of the Shah of Iran, we might have been able to prevent what arose. The Iran with which we must contend today is the major exporter of Islamic totalitarianism and state sponsored terrorism.

In the rest of the essay, he goes on to condemn Barack Obama, Palestine and the United Nations, while calling for militant support for Israel and its current borders.

The term “caliphate” refers to the historical unified Islamic government that dominated much of the Middle East and northern Africa through 1924. West and others seem to be suggesting the return of a caliphate would involve a anti-Western, anti-Israeli unified Muslim front that could threaten the United States and its allies. West’s remarks echo those of Glenn Beck who frequently warns of a coming caliphate.

West has a history of extreme rhetoric relating to Islam and the caliphate comments are far from the worst:

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Melissa Harris-Perry: U.S. Has Yet To Learn Lessons Of Hurricane Katrina (VIDEO)

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MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry marked the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a searing monologue about what she saw as the country’s failure to learn from the disaster on Monday’s “Rachel Maddow Show.”

Harris-Perry was in New Orleans filling in for Maddow, who was on vacation. Hurricane Irene had made it impossible for her to fly to New York, but the Tulane professor called the arrangement “strangely apropos,” seeing as it was the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

She criticized the country’s lack of progress on the vulnerabilities that Katrina exposed, namely the inadequacies in public infrastructure and the racial and economic disparities that made the hurricane so devastating. She recalled, “We watched as Americans were abandoned on the rooftops of their homes, and we realized that our system could not even get water to the people of a major American city for days.”

“Whatever momentum our renewed sense of responsibility brought has been halted by this recession,” Harris-Perry said. She cited cuts to the social safety net, and opposition to environmental regulation and infrastructure as examples of the government actively working against that progress.

Harris-Perry said that while Hurricane Irene showed that people have learned to prepare for short-term disasters, the long-term lessons of Hurricane Katrina have fallen by the wayside. “Six years later, the long-term lessons about public policy, mutual investment is what we as a people are still refusing to learn,” she concluded.

Limbaugh: Colin Powell Will Vote For Obama Again Because “Melanin Is Thicker Than Water”…

What’s the sense in ranting over yet another Rush Limbaugh racist tirade.  He says things like this to rile anger his detractors and boost his “base”.

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Reviving his feud with former Secretary of State Colin Powell, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said today that the African-American retired general will vote for President Obama in 2012 because “melanin is thicker than water,” referring to the chemical that determines skin color. Powell famously crossed party lines to publicly support Obama in 2008, but said this weekend that he’s not sure if he’ll vote for the president again.


Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson Respond To Dick Cheney

The Last Word

In a Last Word exclusive, former CIA officer Valerie Plame and her husband, former U.S. ambassador Joe Wilson join the show to discuss Cheney’s controversial new book, which addresses the now infamous CIA leak case.

Part 1

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