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FoxNews.com Article About Martin Luther King Memorial Brings Out The Readers’ Racism

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Another day, another eruption of racism from Fox’s online audience. Today’s breakout comes from an innocuous-seeming AP article called Public To Get First Glimpse of MLK Memorial. For Fox News readers, that’s just another excuse to hate on African Americans and, of course, President Obama. (H/T Dustin M.)







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Speaker John Boehner

Jobs? No dice, says Boehner’s office byJoan McCarter

Read his lips: "No new jobs."

I certainly hope “the American people” (the GOP’s favorite saying) realize just who is stopping the jobs bills that have come out of the House.  The GOP have been holding up those bills for months now…

Daily Kos

Republicans are ready to fight to stop job creation, Ezra Klein learns when he asks Speaker John Boehner’s office about efforts to create a jobs super committee.

I ran Larson’s proposal by House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) office on Friday afternoon, and it was immediately shot down. The response: Deficit reduction will spur job creation and, therefore, the supercommittee does not need to take on an additional mission.“As every economist and every rating agency has made clear, getting our deficit under control is the first step to help get our economy growing again and to create jobs,” said Michael Steel, spokesman for Boehner. “Without knowing the specifics of this proposal, my concern would be this is some sort of new window-dressing for the same tired old, discredited Washington stimulus spending proposals.”

Klein then says, “Whether it wins enough Republican support to become part of the supercommittee’s work remains a pretty big unknown.” Which isn’t the larger point Larson and Congressional Democrats are making, which is to “call [Republicans’] bluff” on job creation and put them in the position of refusing to act on the issue that voters overwhelmingly say is most important to them.

Boehner’s spokesman couldn’t have made it any clearer. The Republicans will fight against putting people back to work. The Democrats’ job is to make them have that fight.

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Palin organizer: She will announce her campaign in September

Add one more to the over-crowded GOP roster of candidates for the Presidency…

The Raw Story

Peter Singleton, an activist who is helping organize former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s September tea party rally in Iowa, insisted that Palin will announce her candidacy for president by the end of September.

“Labor Day will kick off the Republican campaign for the nomination,” Singleton told the National Review. “She is going to make a major, major speech.”

Though he is the Iowa “Organize4Palin” representative, it doesn’t seem that Singleton has any inside information about Palin’s campaign or about any deeper purpose her September 3 appearance at the Iowa tea party rally.

“I believe that she will run,” he said. “I can’t see her sitting this election out.”

Singleton has long been making the rounds in support of Palin, but just how much contact he has actually had with the former Republican vice presidential nominee is unclear. In April, he told the Wall Street Journal that he had never met Palin or made contact with her team, but several Iowa Republican leaders the paper spoke to insisted that Singleton had an inside track on Palin’s plans.

Connie Armstrong, a local GOP organizer who met Singleton at the Des Moines Conservative Principles Conference this spring, was one such leader.

“He kept saying ‘we,’ but he wouldn’t clarify who ‘we’ was,” Armstrong said. “My gut feeling is he’s working on her campaign.”

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President Barack Obama

Ann Coulter: ‘Can We Get The Ad To Find Obama’s Cocaine Dealer?’ (VIDEO)

This woman is insane…

The Huffington Post

Ann Coulter called for someone to put out an ad to find President Obama’s “cocaine dealer” during an appearance on Sunday’s “Fox and Friends.”

Coulter’s comment came as she was opining that the media have given Republican presidential candidates a harder time than Obama ever got when he ran in the 2008 election. She noted that someone has already taken an ad out asking, “have you had sex with Rick Perry?”

“Can we get the ad to find, you know, Obama’s cocaine dealer now that he’s two years into his presidency?” Coulter asked, causing one of the “Fox and Friends” hosts to snort with laughter.

Obama, of course, famously admitted to using “a little blow” during his youth in his first memoir, “Dreams From My Father.” The relative lack of controversy surrounding that and other drug revelations was taken as a sign that drug use had lost some of its potency as a campaign issue.

Watch @ Media Matters

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George W. Bush · Gov. Rick Perry

Perry’s War With the Bushies

This article came out a few days ago, but it’s a good read…

The Daily Beast

Karl Rove and his operatives appear to have launched a campaign to derail Rick Perry’s 2012 bid, beginning with criticisms that he is ‘unpresidential.’ Matt Latimer on a decade-old feud over power and money.

Just because Karl Rove is behind a plot doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work.  That we’re still talking about the former Bush aide at all is a testament to his singular tenacity.    

How has he done it? The man helped elect the Pelosi Congress—it was Rove who in 2006 was in charge of holding on to GOP majorities in the House and Senate. He helped elect Barack Obama—insisting that John McCain was the only “electable” Republican in 2008 and bad-mouthing most of the others running. His indispensable support of his boss’ overspending and government bailouts even helped create the Tea Party, which has bedeviled Rove and other GOP establishment figures ever since.

And yet billionaire donors to the Republican Party seem oblivious to the record, handing Rove big, fat checks to fund his activities further. Perhaps this is because he is charming and witty, has a statistic for every occasion, never stops calling people until he gets what he wants, says all the right things about battling “them liberals,” and wallpapers himself across The Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages and Fox News Channel, where his words are rarely challenged.  To his everlasting credit, Rove has truly lived up to his Bush-conferred nickname, “Turdblossom.” He can make any mess he’s involved in still smell sweet.

His brazen and transparent attacks on a leader of his own party, Texas Gov.  Rick Perry, may be the greatest test yet of Rove’s remarkable resilience. Some, in fact, are starting to question if we have at last reached “the moment.” Years from now, will we look back at the 2012 primary season as the time when Rove put on his Fonzie jacket, flashed a thumbs-up sign, and then—finally—jumped the shark?

Yes, at long last, the 2012 race is actually starting to get interesting.

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Gov. Rick Perry · Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann vs. Rick Perry: Who’s the Bigger Right-Wing Extremist?

I would venture to guess that they’re both equally as zealous as the other…


Who really deserves a reputation as too much of a right-wing extremist for the Beltway media to take seriously?

As the battle for the Republican nomination for president heats up, more attention is being paid to Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota, who is cast as the crazy-eyed right-wing nut, and Gov. Rick Perry from Texas, who gets to play the role of the more reasonable Republican who will likely win the nomination.

But, as the progressive press has been doggedly trying to expose, Bachmann and Perry are far more alike in the “crazy right-wing nut” department than they might initially seem. After all, Perry has a record of ordering the execution of an obviously innocent man, which goes beyond being tough on crime into the territory of killing as a demonstration of power.

So what’s the real story? In a battle of who’s the biggest right-wing nut, who would win, Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry? I compiled a set of barometers of modern right-wing nuttery and weighed each candidate against them to see who really deserves a reputation in the Beltway media as too much of a right-wing extremist to be taken seriously:

Christian Dominionism. Dominionism used to be a fringe belief, even among fundamentalist Christians in politics, because it’s rooted in Christian Reconstructionism, an ideology that promotes extreme theocracy and includes legalizing slavery and stoning people as criminal punishments for such “crimes” as homosexuality and disobedience to parents. However, in recent years, evangelicals have picked up Dominionism, ignoring its most unsavory aspects in favor of running with the arguments for theocracy. As Michelle Golberg recounted in the Daily Beast, both Bachmann and Perry have taken beliefs from Dominionists, and put into action the idea that the American government should be a Christian theocracy based around a fundamentalist interpretation of Scripture.

Both Perry and Bachmann put a great deal of effort into their theocratic values. Perry not only hosted a prayer event at the governor’s mansion, a blatant violation of the separation of church and state, but it was sponsored by a group of Dominionists who believe God wants them to take over all the pillars of government and society so they can run the country as a Pentecostal theocracy.

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